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Alfa Romeo Mito. What went wrong?

The 2012 Alfa Romeo Mito. Seriously?

Published July 19, 2012

Here’s something a little different for us to think about. A name that we Americans don’t normally here too much, well really haven’t heard of in years. Alfa Romeo. Alfa Romeo has been kind of absent when it comes to cars in the US market. Their style of cars seemed to have been trumped by the Japanese, quick and nimble set of vehicles. Gone are the days of the Alfa 155 that had those strikingly hard lines that the BTCC made so popular. All of those Alfas have stayed across the pond.  Now, Alfa Romeo has developed a new design that will appeal to all of the drivers looking for a new experience in the UK.  The 2012 Alfa Romeo Mito. It’s a cute name for a three door hot hatch that will never grace the roads of the US. Now don’t get me wrong, I think that a new Alfa would be welcomed in the US, but the problem is, by who?  Personally Alfa Romeo has lost it’s rigidity, it’s strength, its sense of being.  The look of the Alfas have gone bug eyed, and just plain weird looking. With that said the Mito follows in the same suit. Looking like a science experiment between a Ford Focus, and a Mini gone awry.  For the most part, the designers at Alfa Romeo must have been aiming really low when they made this one. Between the low, almost non existent horsepower, and plastic interior, I’d say that this was meant to be a college student’s first car. Mind you, you might get slapped in the face when you show them what it looks like. The spec on the 2012 Alfa Romeo Mito are as follows. It has a dry 0.9L two(2) cylinder engine that defies the laws of everything cool about driving, with a mere 77hp.  (This is were the chuckling begins for me.) Now I personally have driven in Go-karts that have more balls than this car. So with those numbers Alfa decided to incorporate a system that allows you to achieve higher HP numbers. It’s called the DNA system, and what it does, is the CPU adjusts the total power to a whopping 84hp & 107lb ft. of torque. OK, so the upside to this is, the gas mileage. 67MPG. That’s crazy, even for a compact car. But with the pros, come the cons.  It has been reported that the Mito has many flaws, starting with (You guessed it!) the engine. The engine is very noisy, and power flow is harsh, and distasteful for most drivers. The steering is jittery, and unstable in corners. “It feels like the car just wants to die.”, one person commented. Lastly the interior reeks of unimaginative angst, & woe.  There’s Gray plastic everywhere, it just looks like one of those, “So that’s the best you can do, huh?”, moments.  Well for what it’s worth, the 2012 Alfa Romeo Mito is a project in the making, so to speak. Great gas mileage, and crappy everything else, which means one of a few things. Keep building them, and hope for the best, or start all over, and try harder. I think the goal was to make an economical vehicle that would be great for these times that we are currently in. The problem is, when do you stop being cheap, and start being sensible? 

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