The Gymkhana's Worst Nightmare. The 2012 Fiesta HFHV

The 2012 Ford Fiesta HFHV Rally Car – The Gymkhana Master

Get Up Close With This Ford Fiesta Rally Car!

Updated October 21, 2018

So let’s get to it, shall we? We’re going to jump on the Ford band wagon again, and talk about a sweet little ride that millions of people have grown to adore, and drool over. For the past few years Ford has been riding high as far as the racing scene is concerned. With big names from NHRA, Formula D, WRC, and now Ford has become an official staple in the world of Gymkhana thanks to a man called Ken Block. Ken Block has been rally racing since 2005, but he wasn’t in a Ford then, he was rocking an ’05 Subaru Impreza WRX rated at 500+hp, an All Wheel Drive beast that helped Block achieve many goals beyond measure.

Also this Subaru opened the doors to a whole new sport called Gymkhana.  The Wikipedia definition of the word Gymkhana is an event that is similar to autocross, but involves a much more technical aspect to the event. Memorization of the course plays a key role in completing the course in it’s entirety.  The average YouTube viewer would classify Gymkhana as the following.  Being able to drive your car better than the best Wheel-man’s favorite get-away driver. Combining WRC skills, with drifting, and having balls of Iron normally help achieve a higher than worldly impressive goals.  Now as far as Ken Block is concerned, all of these skills have been achieved tenfold and to him it’s known as Hooning. Which makes him a Hoonigan.  Think of it as a play on the word Honing one’s skills to be better at what you do. Combined with the word Hooligan, and there you have it, Hoonigan. So said so done.

hfhv fiesta 1

Now, as I mentioned before this is a Ford party and we need to acknowledge the fact that Mr. #43 moved to Ford in 2010 for a seat with the Ford/Monster WRC rally team. His first car was a 2010 Ford Focus, and let’s not get it twisted, the Focus was great, but the Fiesta’s smaller wheelbase allowed for better controlled slides, and handling on the various courses in the WRC. From that point forward the Fiesta was the new car to be reckoned with for all of the rally races. Now let us get back to the car we are here to discuss, and that car is the 2012 Ford Fiesta HFHV Rally Car. This vehicle obviously is based off of a standard 4dr FWD Fiesta that is mass produced for the world. Here’s the kicker, the stock Fiesta comes with an 1.6l, I-4 Ti-VCT motor that pushes a mere 125hp, whereas the HFHV has been given a Pipo Motuers-built 2.0l turbo charged 4 banger that puts out a ridiculous 600hp & 665lb ft. of torque. (To the wheels!) I know it’s just straight bananas. Then to continue with the transformation from tame college car to Monster’s own street crushing machine, the Fiesta was given an AWD make-over, stripped of it’s interior, reinforced framework was installed, a 6spd sequential gearbox was placed behind the new motor, and to top it all off a graphics package that makes the eyes do more than pop.

hfhv fiesta 2

This car has seen a ton of roads, hills, valleys, ramps, jumps, water hazards, and even has a steady count of the air time it achieves when it leaves a jump or ramp.  The 2012 Ford Fiesta HFHV Rally Car, as I mentioned before has become an intricate part of the rally world, as well as the internet world. This car has made appearances at venues such as the 2012 X-Games Rally Cross, the WRC rally championship, and Ken Block’s own Gymkhana 4 & 5 videos (Which have amassed over 30M hits world wide). So it’s pretty safe to say that MR. HOONIGAN, aka Ken Block will continue to power slide his way through the world, as long as there is a Ford for him to sit in and drive. The technology that went into this car was extremely over the top, enough to rival some of the tech that comes with a standard 2012 GTR. Hopefully in the immediate future Ford will combine with DC Shoes, & Monster to develop a new line of body kits, bolt on engine mods, and graphics packages for the everyday consumers to have a Fiesta that makes you feel like a real HOONIGAN.


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