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The GTR, Godzilla Returns to the Frey.

The Nissan 2012 GTR. Killer Wasabi?

Updated September 11, 2012

 So, why are we here this time around?  We are here to go over something that has played a major part in every tuner’s life for quite a few decades now.  We are here to discuss a car. It’s only right, being the type of site this is.  Now I’m not going to go over wiring, or electronics, or schematics, or even how-to’s.  No, no.  I’m going to express my personal, and sometimes funny opinion about a particular car.  A car that many many men, and few women have been drooling over for quite some time now.  That car is the 2013 GTR.  Yes, the 2013 GTR, or what some people still debate over calling it the R35 Skyline .  

Personally GTR, just sounds kind of final. Really “Kick Ass”.  I mean seriously what sounds more manly and harsh?  I drive an R35 Skyline”, or “Yeah my ride is a GTR!”  I would prefer the second option too.  I mean since it has been on the road, more and more tuners, car guys, and drivers have gone through leaps and bounds to make this car into the proverbial “Godzilla”.  

Every time you log onto YouTube, you come across more videos of GTR’s doing things that have been normally reserved for the Supercar realm.  Take for example, did you know that there are GTR police cars in existence now? Mainly in Japan, but I know that the Florida state troopers wouldn’t mind getting their hands on of those custom rides.  Also did you know that there are GTR’s out there in the car world that have been tweaked to the horsepower range of 1500+?   Jaws are now officially dropped!  One last kick in the teeth for those guys who spent over 200k on a sleek, and sexy exotic car.  Did you also know that the GTR is one of three cars that has a sub three second zero to sixty time?  The other two players you may ask?

The Bugatti Veyron [email protected] 2.52 seconds, and the Porsche 911 [email protected] 2.85 seconds.

Yep, I said the same thing. Shut the Front Door!!!  Less than THREE Seconds……..Word!

Who would’ve thought that when this 95,000 dollar Japanese sports car was brought to the streets of United States, three years ago it would be welcomed with open arms.

Reluctant open arms, but open arms.  I mean, all jokes aside the GTR was kind of hated, and scoffed at by most of the American Tuners.  The look of it turned off some people, along with all of the electronics that it came with.  A nightmare for most wiring guys.  Body kits were not readily available, wheel combinations weren’t working with the fender size, and it was a fairly heavy car.  But now, boy oh boy, has the GTR come a long way.  Besides tuner shops, building 1500hp monsters, the GTR has somewhat become America’s new tinker toy.

Car & Driver, Road & Track, even The DuPont Registry have highlighted the greatness that is the GTR.  Every time you turn around there is a new comparison being set up at a race track somewhere, that involves the GTR, and some of its opposition.  Corvettes, Porsches, Ferrari, Lambos, Bugattis, have all been pitted against this mighty machine.  The GTR has won some, and lost some. So is life. I mean you can’t win them all.  But who really cares? Right?

Who would think that a slightly tuned $100,000 GTR would be able to keep up with, and sometimes best a 2.4 million dollar Bugatti? A Japanese Twin Turbo V6, with the capability to give a Volkswagen powered W16 a run for its money  is hardly anything to laugh at. 

 But I digress people. The GTR is a silent killer among the   driving elite of the world. As I mentioned before there are tuning groups who have found ways to massage, stroke, and basically beat tons of power out of this V6 power plant.  The hard work of so many tuners even inspired Nissan to squeeze all of the technology, and power of the GTR’s V6 into a smaller package. That my friends is the Juke-R. It sounds stupid, but it has come to fruition. The 2013 Juke-R will go into a limited production, and be sold for a rumored 90k. It just goes to show, that too much of a good thing isn’t bad at all. 

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