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The Hamann Evoque. Eat your Heart Out Mrs. Beckham.

The 2012 Hamann Range Rover Evoque

Updated July 28, 2012

As of 2012 Range Rover has shifted gears in their SUV department, and decided to jump into the smaller SUV market. By doing this they created a new cross-over style SUV called the Evoque. This new Evoque is a savvy AWD Cross-over that can pretty much handle the best, as well as the worst of a situation. This was proven through rigorous tests, but the Evoque had a true test of endurance on an episode of BBC’s Top Gear. It was driven through the desert, over sand dunes, over off camber rocks, until it made it to a special engagement at a Las Vegas casino. This type of event hasn’t taken place before, and it opened the eyes of many Americans, and car lovers world wide. 

So now that the Evoque has been around long enough, of course there’s going to be a company, or companies looking to make the Evoque a little bit sexier than what it already is. There is a Tuning group called Hamann that has been dipping their proverbial fingers into the cookie jar of different car manufacturers for years now, and Range rover is no stranger to their magic.  This year Hamann found a way to make the Evoque a street use only SUV. This was accomplished by performing a few basic modification tasks.  First a body kit was formed, and molded to the body. This automatically made the Evoque a much wider looking vehicle, but everyone in tuning knows that, the key to a really good looking street machine, is all in the stance.

This was the next step in Hamann’s fabrication, the suspension was swapped out for an adjustable set of coil overs, that basically dropped the car 2.8” in the front, & 3.1” in the rear. Top that off with a set of 22” Matte Black wheels with Titanium screws, you now have a clean and mean looking car now dubbed the 2012 Hamann Range Rover Evoque.

Now there’s a small twist to Hamann’s kit for the Evoque, there’s an engine upgrade option that’s only available to the American made Evoques. This upgrade comes with a turbo charger that upgrades the four (4) cylinder motor to about 280hp, and 265lb ft. of torque. So it’s safe to say that the 2012 Hamann Range Rover Evoque will be a much sleeker option as far as small SUV’s are concerned. I mean how many options are there nowadays that give you a comfortable mid-sized SUV, with a reputable name, that also offers an excellent wheel, tire, & engine package, for a great price?  There’s really nothing available from any company, unless you buy a car and take it to the boys at Hamann, and let them have their way with it. Until then, you can have one of these creations for the undisclosed price of $??????.  Well in all reality in order to find out how much this car kit costs you would need to first own an Evoque, and then give Hamann a call, and take it from there. When you do, come back and let us know, I’m dying to find out.



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