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The 2012 Mercedes Benz E350 AWD Wagon

Published July 3, 2012

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, & Good Evening everyone.  

I would like to invite you to dream for a second or two.  Now imagine yourself driving down a windy Scandinavian road. Crisp air whipping at the window, the sound of asphalt being tamed by the set of Matte Grey wheels wrapped in Perelli tires, and the sun beaming through the sunroof.  All is good with 

the world until you hear one thing. “Are we there yet?”  Then it hits you, this isn’t Scandinavia, it’s annual the family outing to Great Adventure, and you’ve just sat in traffic for five minutes day dreaming. It could happen to the best of us.  Well it could happen if you were driving a particular car.  One of the few cars on the road that not only demand a high level of attention, but also make you feel like a star every time you’re behind the wheel. That car would be 2012 Mercedes Benz E350 AWD Wagon.

So I guess you’re thinking right now, “This article is about a wagon?” Yes Sir, it is.  Bear with me for a little bit, and I’ll make sense of it all.  Now for most of us “Car Guys” out there, a sleek & sexy Mercedes Benz would be one of the top 5 must have cars to keep parked in our garage. This is true, well technically true for a single guy that is. I mean when your single you would be driving either a dashing  2012 MB E350 Convertible, or the nimble, and stunningly beautiful 2012 MB SLS AMG.

 Provided your 401K doesn’t need to be tapped into. I’m kidding people, I’m kidding.  Well both of these cars are always available to the man who wants to floss, and show off, but let’s get back to the cars that would potentially be in your garage.  We already discussed the single man’s Benz, now what about the family man?  The man who has the 1.5 kids, a dog, a cat, a mortgage and actually goes food shopping about twice a month.  The man that was driving down the Scandinavian road a little while ago.  Yeah him, well that man needs the                             2012MB E350 AWD Station Wagon.  This version of the E class Benz has a limited run in the US, which is an unknown fact to most drivers.  What this means, is that there aren’t too many of these driving around the streets of the United States.  So there’s a very unlikely chance you see another Benz Wagon like yours, even if it were to be in a different color. It’s so not going to happen.  Anyway, this “Estate” car as they call it in the UK, has a boastful Naturally Aspirated 330hp V6 engine that bellows out that well known MB growl. The All Wheel Drive system propels this car from 0-60 in about 5.9 seconds, and after you’ve reached 60mph, the 7 speed variable transmission will help keep you moving to wherever your next trip may take you.  Now this is one of those few cars that is a veritable triple threat. Kind of like Beyonce!!  Let’s think about it for a second. For 58k you would be getting your hands on the following set of technological goodies.

  1. Power & Control.

    (Did I forget to mention the Traction Control, ESP, & Self Leveling Air Ride Suspension?)

  2. Cargo Room. (The back end of this car is simply cavernous. There’s enough space back there to practice the most difficult of Yoga positions, without breaking a sweat.)

  3. Style & Beauty. (We’ve seen the aggressive styling cues of MB, and drool over it all the time, but what about the Black & Tan leather interior? Sophistication at its best!!)                                                                                                So are you sold yet? Or do I need to mention some of the finer items that come with this car? Like the paddle shifters for quick and effortless gear changes.  Or the LED Daytime Headlights, and the Brake Assisted Cruise Control, and let’s not forget the 11standard Airbags that were built to keep you safe in case of an accident.        So here’s what. All that I’m saying is, is that the Mercedes Benz E350 AWD Station Wagon is an ideal car for the ideal person. Man or Woman.

If you think about it, and I mean really think about, this car has it all. The get up and go for the driver who loves the sound of a throaty exhaust.  The load capacity of a truck, that will hold anything from Manolo Blahniks to Frosted Flakes.  The beauty of those well loved MB lines that make all other car owners red from pure jealousy.      So, do you see what I mean?  This is the car for just about anybody, who needs a “Do it all” type of vehicle.   Period.  Nuff said. So please find a way to take this fabulous Benz for a test drive.  Give the dealer a little extra something for letting you go on a food run to really see what it can do for you, and your family.                                 After that’s all done, you will become a proud new owner of a pristine new Mercedes Benz E350 AWD Wagon that you can call your own.

Thanks for reading. See you on the next installment.


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