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The 2012 SEMA Show Wrap-up.

Updated September 23, 2013

MB Custom SEMA 2012GMC CustomSo, where do we start? In this segment I am going to wrap up this year’s SEMA Show, in a short and simple fashion, and rest assured there will be plenty of pics to support my thoughts on the show. Now, as we know the SEMA Show this year, like just about every year is ridiculously filled with cars, trucks, bikes, and everything else automotive you could possibly think of. There were hundreds of vehicles that made the mouth water, the eyes bulge, and the palms sweaty, and to top it all off there were the models. Whew! Some of those girls were looking pretty good in those skimpy logo bearing outfits. Well as the old saying goes, “Sex sells”, and it should have been the mantra for this years advertising campaign. Who am I kidding it probably was. Anyway, just about all of the automotive manufacturers were at the show, and were doing their best to represent themselves as hard as humanly possible. Names like Ferrari, Jaguar, Subaru, Harley Davidson, Nissan, Mazda, Renault, and Ford Raptor SEMA 2012Hyundai were all their to show off what they had sitting in their back rooms for the last few months. The Big 3 of the automobile industry came through with damn near a few dozen different versions of their best selling cars, and trucks. Chevy trucked in some fabulously stunning Camaros, and also were represented by a few custom tuning shops that got their hands on some GMS Sierras, and Yukons. Chevy even had custom versions of their brand new 2013 Malibu, 2013 Chevy Cruze, and Sonic on display for all of those who are into the smaller car bracket.

Ford came to the SEMA Show with an intent of winning something, or really anything that they could enter themselves in, as a matter of fact Ford’s prized possession, the Mustang won an award for being the most customized production car in the world. Which is a great honor to say the least, especially when Dodge, and Chevy are watching. Let’s not forget that there were a few awards handed out to the Dueling Duo, but all’s fair in Love, and Tuning.

Custom Cadillac SEMA 2012 Like I already mentioned before, the amount of cars that made it to the SEMA 2012 SEMA Show is staggering, and simply amazing. What more, is that the smaller, somewhat unheard of tuner shops made a strong showing with their own personal tributes to all things cars. The paint work alone, on some of these vehicles could be top the price of a brand new 2013 Ford Focus ST. With that point there, I move to gush a little about the candy, and matte paint jobs on almost all of the cars in attendance. A fellow co-writer over here at wrote an article about how Matte Black paint may becoming the vehicular equivalent to a tramp stamp. Be that as it may, Matte Black, Matte Blue, even Matte Silver works on some cars, but not all. That’s the point that needed to be stressed on some of the participants who took to much time in making a poor decision. A decision like, painting a Ferrari 430 in a Matte Red paint scheme, and then making it sit on 21” Matte Black wheels, this was so wrong. Those were two colors that normally work, but not in this particular instance.



SEMA 2012 BRZ So, on that note folks, I will bid you farewell, and hope to hear from you via your comments, and emails. I appreciate you taking the time for reading this segment, and don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook, and G+ to help share the wealth about all things automotive. Be sure to click on the highlighted links for some more insight, Thanks Again.

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