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Suzuki Swift S, 2012

The 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport

Published August 6, 2012

Automaker Suzuki has been tinkering with an idea for another addition to their ever popular brand of small cars. It has a familiar name , but comes with a new body style. The 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport concept is a 2 door compact sports model, that will come with a few different engine options, and some added goodies as well.2012 Swift Suzuki2012 Suzuki Swift S

The 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport concept has the makings of a true compact racer, and when the time comes it will, be facing some serious competition. Although the Swift Sport hasn’t reached American shores as of yet, engine options sound promising. One option is a peppy little three cylinder, (That’s right, 3!) turbo charged motor that could possibly bump out 150hp! The other engine option will be a simple four(4) cylinder motor that pushes out a respectable 134hp, & 118lb ft. of torque. The Swift S is still in the testing phase, so official numbers, and specs are limited. But what was found at the Geneva Auto Show this year, has everyone buzzing.

The interior of the 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport, is adorned in all black, and yellow leather, with hints of brushed Aluminum trimmings here, and there. The adjustable racing RECARO seats give plenty of support when this little mite goes stabbing at the corners of the road. A brightly illuminated gauge cluster, is a befitting site to behold, when this car is turned on, and revved up.2012 Suzuki Swift S,

Exterior lines of the 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport, are straight forward and subtle. The DNA from the SX4, can clearly be seen in this model. Widened headlights bezels, with HID lamp options give this car a no nonsense look. The wide view swept back windshield flows evenly into the roof line, which is followed be a slightly extended rear spoiler. It’s still uncertain if the there will be an adjustable version to this. If you look at the Swift Sport, from the front of the driver’s side door, you will notice the slightly bulging wheel arches. These wheel wells, house the 17” rollers that will keep this car glued to the road.

The 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport, is a promising little upstart motor, that will eventually catch the eyes of a few aspiring driver when the time is right. Unfortunately for Suzuki, the market is already flooded with faster, more agile, and even better looking sport compacts. If the power, and handling was at a higher level for the 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport it might pose a possible threat to the MINI, or maybe a little lower on the totem the Mazda 3, maybe? The Swift Sport’s day will come in due time, until then we will enjoy buzz of what it possibly can do.



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