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The 2012 Tesla Model S.

Updated July 11, 2012

Welcome one and all to In this segment of automotive news, we are going to go over one man’s forward thinking for the future of the automotive industry, and how he is continuing to look ahead at the big picture. His name is Elan Musk, CEO & Co-founder of Tesla Motors.  Tesla Motors is a company that was founded in 2003, by a group of engineers who ventured on a journey of independence, and innovation. They accomplished this task by creating one of the first “All Electric” vehicles to be produced for general public to drive, and own. In 2008 their first car to hit the market was called the Roadster. A simple open top styled car that looks as fabulous as it drives. For it to be an All Electric car, it wasn’t really taken to seriously at first. I mean if you really think about it, the thought of being stranded because of a low or dead battery, kind of scares most people. So of course it’s understood that sales would be slow in the beginning.

Now moving forward, Elan continued to pursue his overall goal of petroleum independence, by overseeing new projects of vehicular greatness. Tesla Motors’ newest addition to their line up is called the 2012 Model S. A four door, sleek and sexy sedan. This sedan is completely and totally built in house by Tesla. Any and all work done to make this car fabulously energy efficient was completed by not importing any part of it. The Tesla team strive to make their EV better than any others on the market. While all at the same time making it attainable for most, and not by some. There aren’t too many companies that produce full on EV’s that have this level of quality and dedication built into it. The 2012 Model S, would have some people think that it’s just another EV that will compete with all of the other hybrids on road today. The problem with that thought, is that its not a hybrid. The premise that it’s an EV puts it into a class on its own. The quality, and precision in which it was built, slides it into a luxury EV category. I say this, because you will not find a Chevy Volt, nor a Nissan Leaf with the same high level of features that come with the Model S. The Tesla Model S was built with an Aluminum frame that has a solid platform of Lithium Ion batteries attached to the base of it. In doing this, the platform of batteries strengthens the frame even further than what it originally was. In keeping with the power of this car, Tesla developed this car to have the capability to out drive any other EV in its class. The Model S can travel over 265 miles before needing to be charged, and no other manufacturer can top that. So of course you know that the Model S comes with more bells and whistles than a Chevy Volt, or a Fisker Karma put together. Here’s what I’m talking about. The suspension is comprised of two parts, first being a double wish bone, coil spring front end, and multi-link coils spring rear end. So comfort in this car is more than standard.

As we move to the interior, we find the crown jewel of the 2012 Model S. Tesla has installed, in every one of their Model S’s, a 17” vertically mounted touch screen , media unit in the dashboards. Its a massive screen that’s the size of a small laptop, and has all of your internet, media, & car control essentials at the tip of your fingers.  Continuing on, the interior has been lined with Piano Black trimming, double stitched leather seats, and polished metal handles. This car’s beauty is second to none, and to top it all off the technology doesn’t stop there. The exterior door handles pop out for entry, and then slide in to become flush with the door panel, so as to keep the continuity of aerodynamics. The 2012 Tesla Model S, has and will be offered in 6 trim levels, which are broken down into 2 groups. Model S, & Model S Signature. The trims span the price range of $50,000 all the way up to $98,000 dollars. In closing, I would like to say that there a ton features that the Model S has to offer that I cannot possibly squeeze into this article. With that said, I will go on record with stating that this car is clearly more green than any hybrids on the road to date. The 2012 Model S, is more than an EV, it’s a statement of the times to come. Cars of the future, fly by wire, and all that jazz. All we need to do as consumers is just pay attention a little longer to see what the future holds. Because if this car represents the upcoming years,

I want to be in the driver’s seat.


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