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The 2013 Audi A3 E-Tron

Published July 5, 2012

Good Afternoon Everyone, and welcome back to another installment of automobile news. In today’s article we are going to revisit the “Green” factor of the modern car that seems to be still trying to make a dent in the automobile market. We all know that there are hybrids galore for the daily driver to choose from. Hybrid cars, SUV’s, and even a few luxury vehicles out there are all on the “Green” band wagon. But once again, we’re going to venture away from the Hybrid, and focus on the “EV”. The Electric Vehicle. In a similar article I reviewed the 2012 Tesla Model S, and how its CEO Elan Musk, is continuing to make strides by producing All Electric vehicles for the world to drive. As great as this concept is, another company we’re already familiar with has begun productive testing on an EV of their own. That company is Audi. Their latest innovation is called the Audi A3 E-Tron.

The 2013 Audi A3 E-Tron is an all electric car that Audi has developed to be produced, and driven by Summer next year. This car will be available in 3 & 4 door configurations, so right off top, its main competitors will be the Nissan LEAF, and the EV version of the Chevy Volt. Now as I mentioned before, Tesla has made a 4 door sedan that is an EV, but it’s price range is a bit on the expensive side of the market. Sort of a luxury EV so to speak, but Audi is banking on some key elements to help market this A3 E-Tron. One of the marketing factors is Audi’s well known reliability, and performance that all of their cars posses. The automobile market has been well inundated with Audi’s long line, & wide range of ergonomically correct vehicles, but this time it will be on an electric based platform. The A3 E-Tron is still in the developmental stage, where certain parts and configurations have yet to be approved to be mass produced, as well as accepted in the US market. So it’s safe to say that Audi will continue to make great strides in fulfilling their goal of mass producing affordable EV cars. The 2013 A3 E-Tron will retain Audi’s well known styling cues, as well as it’s seductive creature comforts. Such as the soft supple leather treatments, brushed aluminum trimmings, and Audi’s patented bolstered sport seats. The drive train in the A3 E-Tron will be like most of the gas powered Audi A3’s on the road. The main difference is that, there won’t be that raspy roar normally heard form the rear of the car. Of course there wouldn’t be, because there’s no exhaust to be had on this model of A3.  So as I mentioned before, the 2013 Audi A3 E-Tron is still in the developmental stage, and is steadily getting closer to becoming a new staple in the “Green” community of cars. With this new E-Tron platform, Audi hopes to begin introducing other models such as an R8 E-Tron , and further down the line a Q series E-Tron.  Audi is one of those few manufacturers, who is creating a new line of EV’s , that will definitely need to fight for its place in the car market. As gas prices fluctuate, and of recent weeks, have been surprisingly low, and the thought of an EV has still yet to be fully embraced. EV’s still need to find a way of getting past, the dreaded fear of the word, Range.  An EV’s reliability, and trustworthiness is only as good as it’s range of distance. Until the “Quick Charge EV Station” can be placed on the major roads of the US, the I-Robot dream of electric cars is stall a long way off. So until then, Chevy, Nissan, Tesla, and now Audi all are vying for the attention of the automotive masses. Let’s just see if Audi has what it takes to surge forward in the EV market, while their competitors are stuck charging their batteries.

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