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2013 Audi RS-5 Coupe

The 2013 Audi RS-5. The Beast Is Loose Again.

Published September 22, 2012

Audi 2013 RS-5 CoupeIn this segment of, we are going to discuss a car that has been a part of a great family of cars for quite some time now. Audi has been really busy with their E-Tron Series as of late, and some would say that their current line of mobile transportation has been neglected. Audi would beg to differ, and with that in mind, the 2013 Audi RS-5 has once again been set free to roam the streets of the world.

The 2013 Audi RS-5 is in a simple word is a monster. The qualities that make it so, are that of power, control, and an overall desire of dominance on the road. This year’s model has all of the recent facelifts

2013 Audi RS-5

Look Into My Eyes….

that the rest of the family has been blessed with. Wider grille opening, sinister looking, vampire killing Headlight LED’s, more aggressive lower fascia openings, and that patented hunkered down, low profile Audi stance.

Audi has given the 2013 RS-5 last year’s factory V8 with some new, and pretty hardcore provisions. The RS-5’s V8 power has been bumped up to 450hp, and yet the motor still remains Naturally Aspirated. There has been some speculation on whether Audi should replace the well known V8 with the lighter five(5) cylinder turbo-charged engine. The 2013 V8 will be mounted to a silky smooth seven speed dual-clutch transmission, that will help it reach a top speed of about 174mph, and this is before the tuners get their hands on it. The 2013 Audi RS-5‘s drive train is technologically driven to the point where power to the wheels is constantly monitored, and then distributed in a 40/60 (front/rear) split, but when the road calls for it, power will fluctuate to the wheels as needed. This is also known as Audi’s world famous Quattro Drive. Stopping power for the 4,000 pound RS-5 come by two options, one being the old school steel rotors, which now have wavy grooves, as opposed to slots or being cross drilled like usual. The next braking option, is a very big step up from steel discs, and oddly enough came about after Audi’s secretive purchase of Ducati transpired. Carbon Ceramic disc brakes are now an option for the RS-5, and most likely they will be a hefty price add-on.

2013 RS-5 Audi CoupeThe 2013 Audi RS-5 is a car that demands attention from onlookers everywhere, and at the same time requires the driver to be readily aware of how much power will be at his beckoned call. The RS-5 is all day everyday triple threat, that can handle A to B commutes, long distance road trips, and a refreshing day at the race track. For a base price of $68,000 dollars this RS-5 will never sell you short on anything you ask of it. When it comes down to the final thought of getting your hands on one, you biggest decision is whether you want it in Red, Blue, or maybe even an evil looking Tuxedo Black. Black would be the best option, if you really want to terrorize people on the road.       




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