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BMW M3 Frozen Blue 2013

The 2013 BMW M3 Frozen Coupe. Ice, Ice, Baby.

Published October 29, 2012

2013 BMW Frozen EdititionGood Day Everyone. How about we skip the formalities, and get right to it, shall we? BMW is in the automotive pea soup with a refreshing new edition to their already stunning M3 lineup. Apparently when automaker BMW made their Lime Rock Edition M3, audiences seemed to not be able to get enough of the awesome looking BMW M3. So with that said, BMW decided to release a limited amount of their Frozen Edition cars once again. Last year there were three car colors that bore the name Frozen before it. Frozen Silver, Grey, and Black were the only colors you could find the limited edition M3 in, but not any more.As mentioned, BMW has introduced their newest addition to the Ice Cold Family. The 2013 BMW M3 Frozen Coupe will be available in three new colors, Frozen Red, White, and Blue. Kind of patriotic don’t you think? Well regardless of the what, the 2013 BMW M3 Frozen Coupe, will come equipped with the standard BMW M3 hardware.

BMW’s 4.0L V8 motor that pumps out 415hp, and 396lb feet of torque, will be the motivationBMW Frozen M3 2013 that a new driver needs to make his, or her Frozen M3 noticed. Now, there’s one small bit of very important information, all 2013 Frozen M3’s will “ONLY” come equipped with a six speed manual gearbox. No automatics for this model. Also BMW has made it official that they will only be assembling 150 of these 2013 BMW M3 Frozen Coupes for potential buyers to squabble over. Moving on the wheels for this car, they will be a set of Matte Black 19” multi-fin wheels, wrapped in Z rated tires.




Exterior wise, BMW’s patented Frozen Matte finish will come with specific 2013 Frozen BMW M3care instructions for those drivers who are new, to the whole Iced Out look. An all Carbon Fiber roof is fully exposed for the world to see, along with a very nice set of Matte Black exhaust tips, that add a little something to the way it rumbles down the street. Hand washing these cars is required, and immediate cleaning is necessary if Mother Nature decides to play dirty around your brand new M3. Pricing for the Frozen Coupe starts $76,000 USD, and could potentially go a little higher depending on how “Cold” you want your M3 to be. Nevertheless, anyone who wants one, will need to scramble, because the last time BMW had these cars BMW M3 Frozen Whiteout, they sold out almost as fast, as a Jay-Z concert at Madison Square Garden. So if you want one, you can either go to Munich, Germany or Spartanburg, South Carolina, and stand in line when the production line starts spitting these babies out in January of next year. 


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