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The 2013 Bugatti Veyron

Published July 14, 2012

When driving one of the fastest and most powerful cars in this world, I was surprised about the creativity of the engineers. It was an awesome experience, be it was only four minutes long! I was feeling the friction free driving in every inch of the road. The 2013 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand sport is equipped with 8.0-liter W16 engine with ridiculous 1200 hp, which delivers a torque of 1500 nm. I felt its real strength as I accelerated and hit 60MPH in virtually no time. The quad turbo engine makes it fly on the road. The top speed of 267 miles per hour is a bit higher than the base Veyron model, which possess 253 Miles per hour.
The elegant balance and controlling is the peculiarity of Bugatti Veyron 2013. I acquired the maximum speed within the first few seconds of my initial driving. The first 100 kilometers speed was attained in the first couple of seconds, (exactly 2.5 seconds).  The cabin felt like a cockpit of a fighter plane. Especially when the machine was accelerating at its maximum velocity the sound resembled like a fighter jet running to take off.

Bugatti Veyron 2013 is wild and so it will be hard to accommodate it in the congested city roads. To extract the full essence you need a place where you can control your butterfly. Other than test driving lanes, I was wondering about the suitable place to enjoy its mesmerizing caliber. It may be a country road or a peaceful place with very low traffic. The seven speed dual clutch ensures smooth driving.  In order to understand the Bugatti effect you have to find a good runway.

The VW enriched Bugatti 2013 Veyron by making it light weighted. We can feel the difference in each turn. In the base models, the potency of 1001hp makes it one of the toughest cars in the streets. I was wondering about its fast air conditioning system! Ten radiators back the engine cooling system and AC. It was the first time I felt like steering the wind. Reaching the top speed took me around forty-two seconds. The straight calm road was under my disposal for a long time. Yes it really gave me a flying effect. The top speed can sustain for a maximum twelve to thirteen minutes before the fuel dries up. The art of attaining the maximum speed undergoes a chain of transformations. The metal body of this amazing car lowers to three and a half inches. At the same time, the hydraulic spoiler gets extended and acts as an air brake.

When the other 2013 Veyron is the Bleu, designed as limited edition car to celebrate the companies’ 100th year of existence. The blue color gives a vibrant look to this car. The car is integrated with 1375 Bhp engine with all the specifications of other 2013 Bugatti Veyrons.
The capabilities of this wonderful car are perplexing. The long stretches can exploit the inborn Bugatti character, unless it remains as the symbol of an extraordinary power.


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