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2013 Buick Encore Crossover

The 2013 Buick Encore. Making Luxury More Affordable.

Updated October 1, 2012

With all the of the automotive world clamoring on about what’s new with Nissan, or Pagani, or Lamborghini, or even Ferrari, but what of some Domestic news? What has the Big Three got in store for 2013 and beyond? Well GM, has decided to shape, restructure, and simply reinvent the small cross-over bracket for 2013 Buick Encore.

The 2013 Buick Encore is a vast step away from the average mid-sized car, or small cross-over type of vehicle. It seems to embody the best characteristic of the two genres. Being that the 2013 Buick Encore Buick Encore 2013is primarily based off of the Chevy Sonic, the drive and handling of the this car will be top notch. The height, and overall mass of the car would make one think that this IS a small cross-over, and in some aspects you would be right. The Buick Encore could be compared to the likes of a Suzuki SX4, or a Nissan Rouge, or even a Mazda CX5 when it comes to it’s size, and stature, and at this point, this is where Buick checked out of that group of vehicles.

The 2013 Buick Encore has basically started a new group, or segment of cars, that pretty much any auto maker has to now stand and take notice. This new segment doesn’t have a name yet, but it will entail nothing less than High Class Luxury Cross-overs. When Buick rolled this Encore off of the assembly line, there must have been a moment of sheer awe, when it was completed, and then introduced to the Board of Directors at 2013 Encore Buick Cross-overGM. The elegantly aggressive exterior styling of the Encore reminds you of that really hot bad girl in high school. The one who was smart as a whip, but also looked like she had one stashed away somewhere at home. The Sonic like lines are subtle, but are well absorbed when you view the car from a the side profile. The lower fascia of the Encore is very sporty, and eye catching. The swept back windshield just invites the eyes to follow the roof line to the upper rear spoiler, that pretty much states that the 2013 Buick Encore is no joke on the road. Rounding out the total package is a set of classic looking Chrome 18” wheels.

The interior of the new Encore is a stunning sight to behold. Leather treatments adorn the entire cabin from front to back, and left to right. Something new to the small cross-over field are touch screen monitors, and the Encore comes with a 7” monitor that’s within reach, and will keep the driver connected Buick Encore Crossover 2013to all of the info-tainment options that Buick has to offer. Buick is introducing a new technology that’s called Intellilink, and it connects your smart phone to to your Encore so as that you can access all of your Pandora, SiriusXM, and other web stations within the car itself. Continuing with the interior, the trim level of the Encore will pretty much dictate what comes in that package, but never the less the leather and wood trim that has been ever so lovingly shared throughout the cabin is something that you may expect out of a Mercedes GLK, or a BMW X3. This Encore has them beat hands down.

The sheer amount of luxury in the 2013 Buick Encore is simply amazing, and the fact that it’s an American made car with pure, and simple functionality makes it that much better. The Encore’s base price will be around $24,595 dollars, with a $760 destination charge. As the trims get better, the price goes higher, but not by much. A top of the line, 2013 Buick Encore will cost you about $28,900 bucks, and that includes the Bose stereo, Lane Departure, and Front Collision warnings, 18” wheels, and much, much more. So essentially the Encore would make the perfect anniversary gift for the wife, and to top it all off, it will benefit the whole family at the same time.


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