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Dacia Sandero 2013

The 2013 Dacia Sandero. James May’s Favorite Car.

Published October 1, 2012

In keeping with what’s going on with the 2012 Paris Auto Show, we slide over to the Dacia booth to see what they’re offering up for next year’s automotive selections. Well in all reality there was only the 2013 Dacia Sandero sitting in an all red booth, looking kind of cute with it’s plastic wheel covers, and gloss black tires.





2013 Dacia Sandero Before we go any further, for those of you who have never heard of a Dacia anything before today,let me give you a very brief rundown of the Dacia Motor Group. Dacia is a Romanian auto maker that for quite some time now has been a subsidiary under French owned automaker Renault. So while Dacia would love to branch out, and become bigger than what they are now, it just looks like it’s not going to happen.

The 2013 Dacia Sandero is a car that falls under the “Supermini” branch of cars, and it’s looks fit that description perfectly. Even though this is a European car, it has been primarily made as a left hand drive car, and has been doing pretty well remaining that way. What the 2013 Dacia Sandero has to offer next year, are a couple of goodies. Now be fore warned, what I’m about to say may sound a little silly. For 2013 the Sandero will come equipped with power steering, stability control, a folding rear seat, and two actual working air bags. Like I said, it would sound silly, but for what it’s worth Dacia cars are normally simple, no frills, A to B vehicles. The 2013 Dacia Sandero will run the average of around 7,900 Euros, and will be available in gas, or diesel engine set ups. The five(5) door lift back model will come with your standard easy wear fabric material, and be available in a five speed manual, or automatic transmission.

Dacia 2013 SanderoThere’s really not much else that Dacia has released about the new Sandero, but at this rate, would it really matter? In all reality, one of the only people who will vouch for Dacia is James May of BBC’s Top Gear, and he loves the simplicity of Dacia, and how they make their cars. In my personal opinion if Dacia were to find a way to make it to America, it just might provide some decent competition for the Chevy Aveo, Kia Rio, and maybe even the Mazda 2. Who knows, if Renault decides to give Dacia a free pass to roam for a little while we’ll never know what might come of that transition. 



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