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The 2013 Delorean EV. Back From the Future.

Published August 9, 2012

Who remembers the 80’s? I do, and half of the time I try to forget about it all. The big hair, the tacky makeup, and the enormous shoulder pads! God that stuff was hideous, and amazingly some of the 80’s trends are resurfacing in today’s market. Mostly in fashion, thankfully, but there’s one product of the 80’s that has been lingering around, and now has finally come full circle with all things good in life. The Delorean.2013 Delorean EV

The Delorean was a late 70’s design created by non other than the man himself John Delorean, a fugitive designer of GM if you will. He figured that his talent was being stifled and needed to find his own way in life, and then created the DMC 12. But with the 80’s came drugs, and all things negative, and the Delorean Motor Company was dissolved. Fast forward to present day, and a man named Steven Wynne steps in, and takes the Delorean to new heights. He snapped up ALL of Delorean DMC-12 EVwhat remained of the DMC, and came up with something that was long overdue. The 2013 Delorean Electric Vehicle.

The 2013 Delorean EV is a contradiction in terms, if you really think about it. Here we have a car from the late 70’s that it’s shape HAS NOT changed in over 30 years, and now it’s being re-introduced into the world as an EV. Now do get me wrong, I’m not hating on the design or anything, I just think it’s a little funny. So how will it work? How has Steve Wynne pulled off this feat of technical ingenuity? Just like everyone else did who has tried to create an EV, gut a DMC 12, and rework the whole structure. First off, an electric motor had to be sourced for the 2013 Delorean EV DMC-12drive train. A 32 kilowatt per hour motor that produces about 250hp, was then mated to the drive shafts, and throw in a few hundred feet of wiring that’s tied into the Lithium-Ion batteries, and BAM! You have an electric Delorean.

The 2013 Delorean EV will still need to go through rigorous testing phases to make sure it will stand the test of time, and US safety standards alike. For the time being, Steve Wynne has created one working prototype, and so far it has a range of 75 to 100 miles on a full charge. Not bad for a 30 year old brushed, stainless steel bodied car. It can hit 60mph in about 5.6 seconds, and max out at a respectable 110mph. The body style of course remains unchanged, and the gull wing doors, are still manually opened, and closed. Wynne’s future models, will need to incorporate, some basic features like A/C, and potentially power windows. But for the time being, you can still just drive around with the doors open for a nice breeze, while getting everyone around you to stop and stare as you drive by. Well, so far Wynne’s team like Tesla, and Fisker, have developed the their EV’s with the hopes of getting them to the general public, but the price has still been out of reach for the Blue Collar workers at heart. After creating the prototype, prices are floating around the $95,000 dollar range. Unfortunate but true. The next option would be to own one, and then have it converted for about half of that. Either way, it’s a great start, and perfect way to keep a classic car like the Delorean on the road. 


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