The 2013 Dodge Dart R/T and Friends

Check Out The 2013 Dodge Dart RT, Base Model, And Exciting SRT-4!

Updated September 2, 2018

We get the 2013 Dodge Dart RT but want the SRT-4

Dodge Dart RT

Dodge had the Neon which was its top-selling compact sedan and even to coupe. The Neon was the best car that they could come up with. Though after they fixed the head gasket issues the cars were somewhat reliable but ugly as sin. Today, thanks to Fiat stepping in to boss the Chrysler group around, we have seen some Italian influence on design. Just judging on looks alone, the 2013 Dodge Dart looks better than almost all compact cars if not all compact cars on the market. Dodge certainly has a recipe for success as they are giving the Dodge Dart three engine options from mild to somewhat wild.

The 2013 Dodge dart will start off with the 2.0 L normally aspirated engine called the Tigershark. The 2.0 L will offer 160 hp which will be sufficient enough to power the vehicle and will drive like a common Honda Civic. The Dart will also have a 1.4 L turbocharged engine designed for maximum fuel efficiency and to help the dart to achieve up to 40 miles per gallon on the highway as well as deliver more torque than the 2.0 L. The Dodge Dart RT will offer 2.4 L Turbo Tigershark engine that will produce around 184 hp and should be as fun to drive as a four-door Honda Civic SI. Word on the street is that Dodge is working on development of an SRT-4 that will produce numbers closer to 280-300 hp.

Dodge Dart RT 2

For the Dodge Dart RT we will see the options for a six speed manual transmission or the Alfa Romeo Giulietta dual clutch six-speed automatic transmission. This could make for pretty fun car for the daily commuter that wants to save money. As for Dodge, the company needs competitive small vehicle. In fact Dodge needs several different vehicles because the last batch was complete garbage. Hopefully since these engines and transmissions for the 2013 Dodge Dart have already been placed in other various vehicles in Europe, we shall see if they hold up on the reliability end. The main competitor for the Dodge Dart RT will certainly be the Ford Focus and with Chevrolet speaking of a diesel Cruze that will get around 52 miles per gallon ,as well as a Cruze Coupe coming out ,means that we will likely see the competition as commuters will look towards more efficiency while sport enthusiast drivers will be looking at the new Ford Focus ST until the Dodge Dart SRT-4 comes out. The Dodge Dart RT starts off at under $16,000 which is impressive for today’s compact car but like every other car and quickly jumps up on the price for certain features.



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