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Ferrari looks Good In Green.

The 2013 Ferrari

Updated July 11, 2012

Let’s get this article going with some news pertaining to the world of everything Hybrid. Coming next year in 2013, there will be a new name being added to the hybrid market. That name is Ferrari. Yes, I said it, Ferrari. There has a been a major announcement of a hybrid Ferrari that will soon grace the roads of Italy, and the world. In 2010 Ferrari brought forth a new concept to the Geneva Auto Show, profiling an inspiring new Hybrid Kinetic Energy Recovery System, or HY-KERS for short. This system took the already potent Ferrari motor, and infused it with not only a high output recharging unit, a power generator, and then a finally fitting a set of flat panels containing Samsung Lithium-Ion batteries that were placed at the lowest point of the car. This was to ensure that the handling world remain world class, as it always has been.

As I mentioned before this HY-KER system was introduced in the 2010 Geneva Auto Show, as it was shown to the world in a Ferrari 599 GTB concept car. This was of course a testing concept, which means the GTB was under major development, and would be a long way off before any real numbers could be produced from Ferrari’s new hybrid camp. The newly designed integration of hybrid engineering, and Ferrari’s seamless power will come together to the estimated tune of 900+hp. This will clearly blow all other hybrids out of the water. Now of course this being Ferrari’s new alleged “Flagship” car, it will need to cost as good as it looks. Pricing so far is estimated to be around $500,000USD, which is about right for a Ferrari of this caliber. I mean a hybrid Ferrari that will emit less CO2’s into the air, along with getting more gas mileage, and to top it all off, it still performs like the “Supercar” that its lineage demands of it.

So let’s wrap this up shall we? As it stands, this new Ferrari has not been given a name as of yet, and it’s development still will be determined on how quickly the conclusion of the testing comes to pass. Will it be the 599 GTB, or will the hybrid be placed into a redesigned Enzo?

All that matters now, is that Ferrari has taken a giant leap into the hybrid world, and is looking to be the new leaders of Green Power.


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