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The 2013 Ford Fiesta. Great Looks For 2013.

Published September 25, 2012

2013 Ford fiesta With 2012 coming to a close within the next few months, and pretty much all of the auto shows are done for the year, the Domestic auto market, has been relatively quiet during these times, and for good reason. Why join the hoopla of reveals, and secret leaks of new things at a red carpet gatherings, when you can enter from Stage Left, and be fashionable late.

For 2013 Ford is giving the Fiesta a major facelift, and this time around Americans, as well as Europeans will enjoy the benefits of some hard working designers. Just to let you know, I will quickly mull over both 2013 Ford Fiesta Euro, and Domestic versions.

OK, so let’s be gentlemen and hand the floor over to Europe’s 2013 Ford Fiesta for a moment. Next year’s model will grace the streets of Europe in high fashion, and style with it’s new swept back, smooth, lines, and larger than life front grille. The Domestic 2012 Ford Fusion was revamped with aFord Fiesta 2013 larger Aston Martin-ish style front grille, and since it’s introduction to the line, it has been a very successful style enhancement. The Euro Spec 2013 Ford Fiesta’s front fascia is more exaggerated than the US version. Very long, and aerodynamic headlights draw the eyes to the front every single time you come across one of these cars. At some angles, you may think that the front end is a bit long for the three(3) door hatch body, but it fits the five(5) door body perfectly. The power for the Fiesta will be Ford’s patented Euro Spec 1.0L Ecoboost Petrol engine, that will make close to 110hp, and 105lb ft. of torque. Accoutrements for the Fiesta will include, SYNC, Active City-Stop technology, and new to the European market is a product called, MyKey.

Now to jump back across the pond for a moment, we find that the U.S. 2013 Ford Fiesta doesn’t have the exact same European look to it, but more a No Nonsense appeal. The famous big mouth grille is there, showing all of it’s teeth, but the eyes are not as feminine as the Euro version. The domestic 2013 Ford Fiesta has a bit of snub nose look, and that style carries throughout the rest of the body. Subtle, and semi muscular lines give the Fiesta a somewhat bulky look. Don’t get me Eruopean Ford Fiesta 2013wrong, but it actually works. The overall style is that of a either a WRC Rally Car, or a WTCC Car that has been stripped down of it’s widened wheel arches. This Fiesta will come with a few trim level options, that of course shall include SYNC, Early Warning Collision Alerts, Lane Departure, and other goodies that could be found normally in the Fiesta’s older siblings the Fusion, Taurus, and Edge. Potentially power for the 2013 Fiesta will most likely come from an Ecoboost engine, but numbers haven’t been confirmed as of yet. So far there are speculations to a 1.6L four(4) cylinder N/A engine that will produce around 175hp, and 170lb ft. of torque. These numbers aren’t bad, and I can only imagine what will come if there’s a turbo version in the works. If everything works out according to plans, we will see the 2013 Ford Fiesta rolling down the streets sooner than we think.  



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