2013 Ford Mondeo/Fusion Estate

The 2013 Ford Mondeo. Europe’s New Favorite Wagon.

Published September 8, 2012

Over the years Ford has maintained a certain level of pride, and excellence when it came to building their cars. So much so, that like the other American auto makers, Ford created versions of their cars for the European market, under different names, and revised styles.

Recently Ford announced news of their newly designed 2013 Ford Modeo, aka the U.S., Ford Fusion, (Which was proceeded by the Contour) and all of Europe is a buzz with the news. The 2013 Ford Mondeo will come with Ford’s patented Ecoboost technology, and 2013 Ford Mondeo Hatchbacksome jaw dropping, Aston Martin-ish good looks. The recent sales success of the Ford Fusion have been one of a few things that has inspired the 5th Generation of the Mondeo. This time around the Mondeo will come with two extra variations for the European market to choose from. There will be a five(5) door station wagon, or estate car, and there will be a four(4) door lift-back version now available.

The exterior of the 2013 Ford Mondeo is all show and technology. Full LED, HID head lamps will illuminate any road that may lay in front it. Smooth lines flow from the base of the windshield all the way to the rear taillights. The Aston Martin style billet grille gives the Mondeo a very aggressive look, and feel to the car itself. From a small distance, this will be mistaken for a new smaller type of Aston Martin wagon in streets of Europe.

Interior cues are much more sophisticated than in previous models. The hot ticket item, is the introduction of Ford’s Sync system now gracing every model that rolls off of the assembly line. Info-tainment was a must for the European market, Ford wanted to make 2013 Ford Mondeo Wagonsure that their Euro versions would not only perform great, but become more desirable to 2013 Mondeo Estateany potential drivers who dare look in the other direction when wanting to buy a new car. Leather clad bolstered seats with fully adjustable heating, and cooling options are just the tip of the Mondeo iceberg. A fully illuminated LED gauge cluster provides tons of information for the driver as he/she motors down the road. The seven(7) inch SONY touch screen will be the focus point of the dashboard, and this is where SYNC, and Ford’s MyTouch programming will live.

The 2013 Ford Mondeo’s power shall be provided through a few different options, but all with EcoBoost technology. There will be an inline three(3) cylinder, 1.0L, turbo-charged, EcoBoost engine that makes around 124hp, and 126ft pds of torque. A bit scant by American standards, but like I’ve mentioned before in another article, big horse power isn’t that big in Europe. There’s also a 1.6L four(4) cylinder, and 2.0L four(4) cylinder motors that push out around 150hp – 165hp. On the diesel side of things Ford will offer 1.5L, & 2.0L turbo-charged diesel engines. No official power numbers are available for the diesels as of yet, anyway all of these engine options will be mated to either a six(6) 2013 Mondeo fordspeed manual, or automatic transmissions.

Wrapping up, the 2013 Ford Mondeo looks damn good, and Ford already knows this, but what Ford doesn’t know, and potentially realize is that some die hard Ford fans miss the availability of a wagon in the Ford lineup. The Taurus wagon wasn’t the best wagon in the world, but it go the job done, and everyone loved it for what it could do. Now it may be a little foolish to want a new wagon in the lineup of Ford cars, but it couldn’t hurt if there was a limited run of Fusion/Mondeo wagons in the U.S. Market. It’s just a thought. 

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