The 2013 Ford Ranger Gets a Facelift

Intorducing 2013 Ford Ranger!

Updated October 17, 2018

Coming near the fourth decade of production, the Ford Ranger is now getting a facelift for the 2013 model, and a big one. The Ranger that you may have known from the past as an American classic or near classic is now based in the foreign market models.

The change has come to cut down on manufacturing costs. It is likely that the new ranger will have some sort of turbo package available for the Eco-boost 4 cylinder motor, but the base models pack plenty of punch with 180 horse power.

The Ford Ranger through the Generations, to 2013

In the 80’s, Ford started manufacturing the Ranger to compete with the mid-sized foreign imports, which owned much of the US market. They released the first in 1983, and since have gone through 3 generations, and the new international model.

The generations of the 80’s and 90’s have sold more than any other compact truck in the United States. They have also been a favorite of truck customization for their design that makes them easy to manipulate and customize.

The new Ranger is expected, not to hit American markets in 2013, but will most likely be available in Australia for the 2013 model year. This will mark the fourth generation of Ford Rangers and a mile stone in American ingenuity available on the international market.

In the US market during the 1980’s the Ford Ranger quickly became America’s bestselling compact truck until 2004. It is also currently one of the favorite compact trucks in the Australian market, with the 2013 model showing at the Sydney, Australian International Motor Show.

Under The Hood Of The 2013 Ford Ranger

The 2013 facelift of the Ford Ranger has bought about many changes, most notably the new Eco-boost 4 cylinder motor. There will likely be a turbo available and models with 3 different motors in them.

If we have a look at the Eco-boost family of engines gives this truck a lot of possibilities. There are currently 3 different displacements of the Eco-boost motors available from Ford that we are likely to see in different packages for the new 2013 Ford Ranger.

With a 1000ccm Eco-boost motor, it is likely to have nearly 200 horse power with a turbo. Other performance packages will as well more than likely be sold too. It is sure that is will have a Ford power train with a little extra boost.

The base model will top the scales at 3400 lbs., and have a solid rear axle. It is the same tough Ford in a new skin. It is a compact truck with exceptional towing capabilities, and power.

Safety behind the Wheel of the 2013 Ford Ranger

The new generation of Rangers, have been built with safety in mind. They have all the latest in industry standards, including body reinforcements and multiple air bag deployment. It also has industry stand anti-lock brake systems, and emergency brake assistance. It is an ideal truck for mountain terrain or navigating through the brush, which is something that has made it a popular truck across the globe.

Ford has made no stops trying to make the new Ranger one of the safest compact trucks on the market. The 2013 Ford Ranger also has active restraint systems, and a lower profile. The redesign has better road performance in a truck that is meant to handle even the meanest of terrains. The new Ranger truly lives up to being “built Ford Tough”.



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