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The 2013 Honda CRV. Great Looks, but Low Power.

Updated August 26, 2012

As car enthusiasts, and car lovers of all types, we all can agree on somethings, and agree to disagree on other things. For example Ford Guys, and Chevy Guys will never see eye to eye. On the other side of the spectrum we can tend to agree that some auto manufacturers make their European cars hotter than the American versions. Case in point, Honda Motors has dropped a proverbial bombshell on Honda lovers of America.

2013 Honda CRVAs of July this year Honda decided to let us Americans know that the 2013 CRV (In Europe) is going to be more bad ass than it has ever been. The CRV is Honda’s flagship, small cross-over vehicle, if that even makes sense. I mean it sounds like a contradiction in terms. Small flagship? Anyway the CRV has been a very popular model for Honda motors over the years, and as it progressed it acquired its fair share of competition. So for just under 20 years the CRV has been stealing hearts, and wallets world wide.

Now getting back to the newly redesigned 2013 Honda CRV (Euro spec) this version of the CRV promises to be a lot more attractive for any new potential buyers to own, and drive. The current US spec CRV has the same looks, and styling, but the main difference, is the non-inspiring look of it. Smooth lines, soft curves, good stance, and roomy interior, is what has won over the 25 to 45 demographic. Personally that’s good, and all but what happened to appealing to the younger crowd? I mean the Civic isn’t as popular with the young crowds like it used to be in the 1990’s. So what did Honda do at this point? The tweaked the overall look of the CRV, and then made the choiceHonda CRV 2013 to market in Europe, only.

The Euro spec CRV has bolder, and slightly wider wheel flares that match a few other hot items that are on this CRV. A Dark Battleship Gray, or Carbon Fiber Gray color accents the CRV from front to back. In the photos you will see the how the Bright Burgundy contrasts very well with the Gray. The front fascia is a ton more eye catching, now that there is a lower chin spoiler in the same matching colors. The accents help the eyes travel to the rear of the car with a more pleasurable ease. The panoramic glass roof gives the CRV an even more sporty feel. The roof line ends with a small, but noticeable spoiler, that only makes this CRV more desirable. New matching wheels, complete the package, and the 2013 Honda CRV is done.

CRV Interior Honda 2013Now I know what some of you may be thinking, and all the news isn’t all bad. Apparently horsepower isn’t a big thing in Europe, and there’s a major draw back to the 2013 Honda CRV. The European version of the CRV is a very weak machine by US driver standards. The engine options are as follows, there’s a 2.0L, four (4) cylinder Inline I-VTec motor that only produces a scant 153hp, and there’s the second more pitiful option that’s a 1.6L turbo-diesel that only makes 115hp. Really? So the Euro spec 2013 Honda CRV looks good, but performs like a base model Civic. Well maybe if there’s enough demand, Honda will bring the Euro version state side, minus the engine deficiencies.     


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