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2013 Honda N-ONE

The 2013 Honda N-ONE vs The Fiat 500. Battle of the Super-minis.

Published November 7, 2012

2012 Brabus Works Smart 4 TwoOver the past few years the automotive market in America has been shifting in the direction of the smaller car. Now of course the small, or compact car has been around for decades, but like certain trends in fashion, the compact car is in some years, and out during others. Well, it looks like the compact car is, or has been becoming the new Black for everyone who has a curious eye, and is interested in what the compact, or Super-mini car has to offer.

To go back in time briefly, the number one ruler of the streets, as far as compact cars where concerned was1990 Honda CRX Honda. Their Civics, Integras, and the rolling contradiction the CRX were the cars that pretty much kept the tuner trend rolling in the early 90’s. Everybody, and their grandmother had a Honda Civic, and were proud to be seen driving it. Along side with Honda was Toyota, and their Corolla, not as popular, but still worth driving. The one company that sort of brought up the rear with their somewhat sleeper cars was Nissan, with their Sentra. The Sentra was a car that has a solid, and damn near unbreakable bottom end, and if tuned right would blow the doors off of any other small car on the road.

Those were days, but now we are in the age of technology, and efficiency, and small cars have made a very 2010 MINI Cooper Sstrong come back into our main stream way of driving. Just about every auto maker has jumped on the band wagon, and is pushing out something cute, and potentially great, but there are a selected few that are battling with each other. The Battle of the Super-minis for awhile was being dominated by none other than BMW’s MINI Cooper. Before I go on, let just explain the criteria off battle. First off, the car has to be affordable, have a great reliability factor, good gas mileage, a strong wow factor, and overall must be popular. So with that said the MINI Cooper has been running the streets of America on it’s own until the Chrysler Group merged with Fiat, and then production, of the Fiat 500 took off. The Fiat 500, with it’s limited options was still a big hit to say the least. Now that it’s popularity has won over thousands of buyers, design options are now readily available for new, and current owners of the peppy little Italian coupe.

Now, normally you would need more than two players to have a battle, and this is where our third 2013 Honda N-ONEcontender steps in. The 2013 Honda N-ONE is a car that only few true car enthusiasts would actually know about, and sorry I was not one of them. For what it’s worth the 2013 Honda N-ONE is throwback car that has roamed the streets of Japan for years, and would possibly pop up in a Gran Turismo game or something. It took years of litigation, and basically waiting for the right moment, but Honda figured that this would be the perfect car to go head to head with the Fiat 500. Thus making the MINI Cooper to big to be an official part of the Super-mini group. Funny how a compact is to BIG to be small…..LOL.

The 2013 Honda N-ONE for the most part will be sold in Japan, and some other non-disclosed parts of the Honda N-ONE 2013world, but customers who are interested in the mini platform will have a choice of engines options, as well as drive trains. Pricing for the N-ONE will start at 1,150,000 Yen, which is about $14,400USD for the 2WD model, and then go up to 1,707,750 aka $21,300USD for the 4WD model. So, be aware folks, the Battle of the Super-minis is alive, and well, and it may come stateside sooner than we think. Look for a bio on the 2013 Honda N-ONE in the near future, but until then, Thanks for reading, and have a great day.

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