2013 Kenworth T660

The 2013 Kenworth T660

Is The 2013 Kenworth T660 The Ultimate Truck?

Updated October 21, 2018

I would like you to think about something for a moment. If you could have a dream of blue collar job that would help your family survive during these tough times. Then think of the same dream job, that will help service millions of people. So with that in mind what do you think that job would be? The simplest answer, would be a truck driver. Truck drivers all over the world do what they do for those same two reasons. So it’s not uncommon to think the same way about American truck drivers. I mean they have to make a living too, you know. So for 2013 Kenworth has developed a new truck model that will make that job of hauling the world that much easier.

2013 Kenworth T660

The 2013 Kenworth T660 is a new model of simple function, great quality, and overall it makes an excellent work place. The T660 was made to replace its predecessor the T600, but with time and hard work great things will come. The 2013 Kenworth T660 is at the forefront of engineering design, and is leading the way with its newly developed motors. First off the T660 has been remodeled with a slightly more aerodynamic fascia for better mileage, and fuel efficiency. Your standard square faced trucks are the thing of the past, while the smooth lines ensure less wind noise, and better slipstream factor when following other vehicles in front of the driver. Remodeled lower bumpers, side fascias, and flush mounted headlights continue to guide the T660 to better fuel economy.

2013 Kenworth T660 2

Inside the T660, the instrument panel has been reworked with the driver in mind. Brightly colored, illuminated gauges tell the driver what he/she needs to know in real time. There’s a plethora of buttons, and switches that enable the driver to basically be at one with their truck. The 2013 Kenworth T660 sports a new in dash information screen, that will now give the driver the ins, the outs of what’s going on under the hood, as well as outside if the hood. The SmartNav system relays all of the gauges, gives you the quickest route to take via the navigation portion of it, and it can even be personalized for favorite music along the way. The wood finish, and polished Aluminum Bezel cluster will definitely make this driver feel like their in a premium sports car.

Once the driver’s shift is done they can slide the arm rest back, and away for easier access to the sleeper cab, where it becomes a home away form home. Tall ceiling, smooth walls are home to a few amenities in this wonderful sleeper. Separate AM/FM Stereo, CD/MP3 player radio comes accompanied with a set of 8” 3 way speakers for ultimate sound while you rest your head. Lighting in the sleeper is also controlled via the small panel on the wall close to your bed. Storage is a premium commodity in here as well. At the belly of this work horse lies a world renown PACCAR engine that’s pushing out 485hp, and a mind blowing 1,750lb feet of torque. This 12.9L beast is something that has been steadily sneaking up into the spot of world’s best truck engine, and soon will be staking that claim.

2013 Kenworth T660 3

With its smooth lines, excellent power, fabulous interior, and overall stunning reliability, the 2013 Kenworth T660 will be making a permanent mark on the roads of America, and all over the world. So if you come across a truck driver, and you have minute, be sure to ask them about their Kenworth, because nothing will make them feel better, than being able to brag about their truck to a total stranger. Have fun, and keep it between the rails.

2013 Kenworth T660 4

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