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The 2013 KTM X-BOW.

The 2013 KTM X-BOW

Published July 20, 2012

What would get if you were to say, take some parts from Batman’s Tumbler, throw in an engine from Audi, find some smaller wheels & tires.  Be sure to make it sinister looking, and don’t forget the passenger seat, and after all of that work, what do you have?  The 2013 KTM X-BOW.                                                                                                           The 2013 KTM X-BOW is a fairly new production vehicle, and of course it hails from the world renowned motorcycle company KTM. Their bikes have been ridden for years, and the tech guys over at KTM decided to jump into a new market. The thought was simple. Let’s make an Open Air car that can be driven on or off the track at speed. Give it the handling of a Formula 1 car, and make it attainable for the masses. As it sounds, it was a simple plan. Well, not so much. They needed to be different, and just different in the simple context of the word. They had to be extraordinary, and basically more over the top than any other sports car in the world. The Ariel Atom had already been made, so the see through frame idea was taken, and the Compagna T-Rex had been on the road for years prior to this venture, so a three wheeled car was not happening.  So where does that leave you? How do you go about making something that will not only turn heads, but baffle the mind as well? You build it so different, so as that no one else dare follow in your footsteps. They started with an all Carbon Fiber Monocoque frame that incorporates a crash box for front, rear, and side impacts, a set of racing hoops that sit above both driver, and passenger for protection in potential rollover situations.  The X-Bow is powered by an unlikely source, an Audi 2.0L 4 cylinder motor cranking out 300hp, and 400lb ft. of torque. Now to the average driver, or car guy, those numbers don’t really add up. Here’s how they work, in the simplest way possible. This car only weighs 1500pds, and the power that the motor provides, in conjunction with Audi’s own trans-axle, the amount of torque increases by at least 45%. So, in an even shorter version, the lighter the car, the more torque you may gain from overall power. It also doesn’t hurt to have an all Aluminum lower rear diffuser either. The transversely mounted suspension keeps the wheels planted on the ground, so that every high speed turn is a new, and exciting experience. The 2013 KTM X-BOW is a veritable concoction of a real time racing car, with the qualities open air roadster, and the stimulation of a motorcycle with two extra wheels. The X-BOW, now that it’s in full production has made a name for itself all of the world. The X-BOW will be re-tuned for racing the 2013 Le Mans GP, and will battling other well known manufacturers in the LMP2 Class. Also the 2012 KTM X-BOW is currently being used a pursuit vehicle on the streets of Monaco, Italy. This came to be, due to the police force is severely outgunned when it comes to horse power. The X-BOW makes up for where the small displacement diesels lack enthusiasm, in HP & torque. As I mentioned before the 2013 KTM X-BOW has reached buyers world wide, and by summer of 2013, the X-BOW will be sold in the US as a kit car.  Due to extremely tight restrictions, it cannot be produced here in the US, and can only be sold in a “Kit” form. After which it can registered, and insured accordingly. As speculated the X-BOW will cost a few pretty pennies, the numbers are going to start $85,000 for the first available models. Personally I think, if you have the money, and you REALLY want to be different, and enjoy zipping past people on the track as well as the street, this is the car to have.

Hell, even Bruce Wayne would keep a couple of these for himself at some point in time.



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