The Mack Pinnacle.

The 2013 Mack Pinnacle Series.

The Mack Pinnacle – The Pinnacle Of Truck Driving?

Updated October 21, 2018

What’s going on everyone?  In today’s article we’re going to discuss a set of wheels that we as everyday drivers see, and never really pay attention to.  Well technically we don’t pay attention to them, unless something drastic happens.  If you haven’t already guessed it, I’m going to discuss trucks.  Actually the proper name, would be Semi-trucks.  Tractor Trailers, Big Rigs, 18 Wheelers, Kings of the Road, but more importantly I’m going to review a new series of truck from a company that has been hauling everything under the sun for over 100 years.  That company is Mack, and the new series is called the Pinnacle Series.

The 2013 Mack Pinnacle Series is a new line of Semi-trucks that are destined to change the way cargo is hauled. The Pinnacle Series will be infused with high horse powered torque churning motors, that will find their ways to run, and rule the highways. The engine options for this new series will come in various configurations. Certain engines options will be a 505hp motor that is rated as a top notch flyer. What that basically means is that, it’s at its best when cruising on the highway. The power curve on these engines is subtle at best, but the amount of torque that is produced is ridiculous. Some of the engine options can accomplish an astonishing 1800lb ft. of torque. That’s enough to pull over fifty thousand pounds, if not more. But seriously folks, how many of you out there really car about this topic?

Mack Pinnacle

How many of you are like, “Whatever” at this point? Well before you switch to the next article, that raves about the 2014 Impala, or drool over the next great Ferrari, let’s take a moment, and think about the Semi-truck for a hot second. Now bear with me on this. Let’s take that article on the 2014 Impala, and really break it down. The Impala is made in different parts of the US, right? So how do those parts get to the plant where it all happens? Via train or truck. The seats that are made in, let’s say Cincinnati, are shipped to the plant in Michigan. The glass that is made from the crushed sand, and rocks, travel via truck from the quarry, to the refinery where it is then melted, cleaned, formed, and then shipped to the plant in Michigan. You see where I’m going with this?

The trucks you see on the highways, or the trucks that take 20 minutes to somehow amazingly back into a slot not much wider than the trailer their pulling, and the one’s that we drivers sometimes cut off, need the notoriety that they well deserve. So, if you really think about it, I mean really wrap your head around it all, trucks play a vital role in everyday life. They haul cars, they haul the parts that make, and fix the cars we drive. Trucks haul the materials that built the homes we live in, and practically shipped all the items we take for granted in our homes. So I’ll say this much, I love to see trucks drive down the road, and my respect for them has never really faltered. I just want all of you drivers out there to feel the same, because at the end of the day, we need trucks like the 2013 Mack Pinnacle to help us live, love, and learn. So the next truck driver you see, why not just say, “Thanks.”. It wouldn’t hurt.    


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