2013 Monster Energy RTR Mustang

The 2013 Monster Energy RTR Mustang. Proven Dominance.

This Monster Mustang Is An Absolute Mean Machine

Updated October 21, 2018

We’re going to take a moment to look at an amazing car that has been proving a few points since it’s on the road. That car is the 2013 Mustang. Now before you get all up in arms, and stop reading , let me just say one thing. This isn’t going to be about any Plain Jane Mustang that just rolled off the assembly line. No, Sir, this article is going to highlight a Mustang that was put together for a quick racing season at Formula Drift.

monster energy drift car driver 1

If you haven’t guessed what it is, then here it is.The 2013 Monster Energy RTR Mustang. The new Monster Energy RTR Mustang was born a stock GT350 Mustang, and was quickly snapped up by Monster Energy, and sponsored driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. for the 2012 Formula Drift season. Now the 2010 Mustang that Vaughn was currently driving was by any means no slouch at the track, but the guys over at Ford figured, why not throw a 2013 Mustang into the mix? So they did just that, hand over a set of keys to Vaughn and his team to see how a 2013 Mustang would fit into the realm of drifting better than the previous 1969 RTR-X. And of course for a driver like Vaughn, how do you test a new car? BURNOUTS & DOUGHNUTS!!!!

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After a quick session of Hoonigan Style driving, the car was brought to a private building to be remade into the Monster that it is now. There was a collaboration between Ford Racing, Roush Yates, & Monster Energy that spawned the beginning of the 2013 RTR Mustang. The Mustang was stripped down to a former shell of itself, and then the designing took place. The already stout motor was stripped down, blue printed, given new cams, lifters, bottom end, and a much approved fuel injection system, which boosted the engine from a 5.0 to become a 6.7L beast. Ignition wiring was over hauled, exhaust as well as intake was drastically improved, so that the car could breath in any, and all types of racing conditions. So no matter where Vaughn would be racing, the air quality would not affect the overall power of the car. Next came the drive train, a new lighter, but stronger drive shaft was mated to the motor, so as to transfer all power and torque from the gearbox to the rear end. In order to bang through the gears of a drift course, the gearbox had to be custom made.

Close attention to detail was given to the first three gears. These gears are the primary gears that make a car like this one drift the way it does. Gears 4, 5, & 6 are just a bonus option at this point. So now, the big question, “How much power does she make?” Well the new Monster Mustang makes an astonishing 800hp, and 769ft lbs of torque. All of this power allows Vaughn to turn tires into smoke, drive sideways with the greatest of ease, and persuade the ground to yield to his style of hard driving. To top it all off, the Mustang was given a paint job that would make Mr. HOONIGAN himself, Ken Block jealous. Graphics galore, all encompass the basic Monster Energy colors, Hot Neon Green, & Black, with a touch of Matte Slate Grey to break it all up.

The Monster Energy RTR Mustang has been a force to be reckoned with, since it was introduced into this years Formula D series. As it stands now, Vaughn has just wrapped up Round 5 with not only the win, but he is also in the series lead as far as the championship points are concerned. With that said, this 2013 Mustang from Ford is clearly making a powerful name for itself in the racing market, and we know that racing influences everything that goes into a production car. I mean there’s a limited production RTR Mustang already in existence, how much longer until we see a Monster Energy body kit for anyone who wants to look like Vaughn, but without the wall scrapes that Formula D has to offer? Not long I hope.

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