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The 2013 NASCAR Ford Fusion. Racing for the Green.

Updated February 7, 2017

Good Afternoon folks, and welcome to another edition of Today we’re going to highlight one of the Big Three’s newest designs to hit the NASCAR circuit. Ford has revealed it’s latest design changes to the 2013 NASCAR Ford Fusion this year, and press has been clamoring all over it.

The 2013 NASCAR Ford Fusion’s engine, and power train will remain untouched for this revamped2013 Ford Fusion, NASCAR/Street model. All of the modifications have been totally cosmetic. The designers at Ford decided to make sure that their Fusion would not only be recognized, but also have some defining characteristics of it’s own. The 275hp, Duratec Inline 4 engine, as mentioned before will not change. Nor will its six speed manual transmission, that carries it to an impressive 175mph. Ford went with installing an actual grille on the front end of the car, as opposed to the stickers that normally sit there. Raised, and contoured hood lines, are now more visual to the naked eye. Also, Ford has made it a point to push their EcoBoost line, slapping the name on the sides of the Fusion. Just in case anyone forgot what the street version of the Fusion was all about. These design changes were scrutinized by NASCAR officials down to the millimeter, and after dozens of checks, the 2013 NASCAR Ford Fusion is good to go.

NASCAR 2013 Ford FusionAfter it’s release, the 2013 NASCAR Ford Fusion, will become an unofficial spokes model for all new 2013 Ford Fusions. The extreme similarities, were fabricated for a few reasons, one to gain a higher level of interest in the 2013 Ford Fusion. Two, Ford’s wide mouth Aston Martin-ish style grille is an enticing feature that will also bring more interest to the sport of NASCAR. Because everybody knows that, the more a racing car looks like a street car, the more people are going to want it. Lastly, this simple design will once again help the Fusion become a brand name of it’s own, and not become the Taurus’ little brother. The Fusion popularity will become astronomical, when the 2013 NASCAR Ford Fusion wins a few races, and sets the track a blaze with style, and poise. So for the time being the Ford Fusion is looking very tempting, and with this designer launch of sorts, nothing but positive vibes, along with a few wins, are going to be heading in the direction of the 2013 Ford Fusion

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