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Going Bananas over the Adam.

The 2013 Opel Adam.

Published July 19, 2012

As drivers we come to the realization that there are plenty of vehicular options for us out there to choose from.  We’ve all seen the trucks, the sedans, cross-overs, and suv’s that are currently on the road, but what about the small fries?  What of the compacts, and sub compacts that we starting to pop up everywhere?  Not the hybrids, because those come in sizes bigger than a bread box nowadays. The actual small cars like the mini, the new fiat 500, ford’s reinvented fiesta, mercedes benz’s a class, and now opel. Now before you get up in arms, I already know that opel is a uk based car, that is a subsidiary of gm.  So this car company actually counts, as far as it being a part of the small car market.  Now, Opel has been making cars for at least 100 years, but since 1931 it became a permanent subsidiary of gm, and since has been shipping cars across the world.  This time around Opel has staked a claim in the compact car market.  With their new entry, called the 2013 Opel Adam.    The 2013 Opel Adam has specifically been made to go after the already infused sector containing the likes of the Audi a1, the fiat 500, and BMW’s mini. The new Adam will come with three engine options, all fairly light on power, but adequate for this sized car. There will be a 1200cc (1.2L) motor yielding 70hp, and two 1400cc (1.4L) motors outputting 87hp & 100hp.  All of these options can easily be boosted with an optional turbo charger, and all of this can be had with good fuel efficiency.  General motors’ e85 flex fuel system in the us has made its way over to Opel, and it was branded the ecoflex system.  Which in turn allows smooth power flow, while keeping you away form the pumps.  The 2013 Opel Adam has been constructed with a high grade steel frame that incorporates a passenger safety cell for any accidents that may take place. Coming standard are a total of ten(10) airbags for all occupants of the Adam. The interior of the Adam will come with many options. Cloth, & leather, seating are accented by aluminum, and faux carbon fiber treatments.  Making the Adam a very stylish car to behold.  Now you would think that’s where it stops.  Opel has also produced multiple personalities of the Adam. These were dubbed Opel Adam glam, jamand slam. These personae were deliberately formed to appeal to a much wider group of driver. It seems to be working, especially with a very heavy following on facebook, and twitter.  Pricing is still up in the air, but with the fan base that has developed the 2013 Opel Adam is looking to steal buyers away from their competition. With a dozen or more automotive combinations the Adam will hopefully make its way to the us, and put up a fight over here as well.


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