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The 2013 Range Rover. Evoquing New Looks.

Published August 16, 2012

World renown auto maker Range Rover, has made an announcement about its flagship vehicle the Range Rover. It has been ten long years since the third generation Range Rover hit the streets, and back roads of the world. The 3rd Gen L322 series has been more than reliable, it has been the “Go to” SUV of Europeans everywhere. More so, after it gained its popularity among the British Elite, it started to catch on with your typical White Collar worker families. Now that has changed, the 2013 Range Rover has been revamped for the masses to once again fawn, and clamor over.Range Rover-4th Gen- 2013

As of September 6, 2012, the 2013 Range Rover will be released to the world once again, and most likely in grand form. As we know the current Range Rover is kind of big, and bulky, but posh, & reliable all at the same time. This has worked for ten years, but in 2011 the Evoque was created off of the LRX concept platform, and that model took off, like a rocket. The smaller size, swept back windshield, angled roof line, sinister looking HID headlights, posh interior, and much more attainable sticker price made it a hit with more, potential buyers. Sow with that said, the designers at Range Rover decided to change a few things, borrowing some of the Evoque’s famous good looks.

As I mentioned earlier, the 2013 Range Rover has borrowed quite a bit form the Evoque. The redesigned front fascia is more refined, with it swept back look. It makes the RR look more aerodynamic than it ever did before. Below the belt, there’s a more of a want to study the lines that flow straight to the rear fascia where the tailgate is now surrounded by a new set of Evoque style tail lights. The roof line remains straight and level as it did before, but the new angles help bring the 2013 Range Rover to a more current style of automotive aerodynamics.

Range Rover 2013The power plant for the 2013 Range Rover has been speculated to be an Aluminum V8, rated at 375hp, or a supercharged version rated at 510hp. Either way the newly restructured All Aluminum Uni-body structure has lightened the overall weight of the SUV. Numbers have been calculated at almost a 40% lighter body than before. The air ride suspension has been coupled with an improved set of control arms that make that patented Range Rover smooth ride, even smoother. The interior is nothing short of spectacular, wood veneer, soft, supple leather, and almost seamless lines not only surround the new touchscreen, but invite the driver to sit in the lap of luxury. Pricing of the 2013 Range Rover will be disclosed on 9/6/2012, but until then this redesigned beauty will be something that most people will definitely be waiting for.  



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