The Rear End of the 2013 Legacy Wagon

The 2013 Subaru Legacy STi. Move Over Forester.

Introducing The 2013 Subaru Legacy STi!

Updated October 16, 2018

Well in recent news, automaker Subaru has the world all a buzz with the official release of the 2014 Subaru Forester , and only after making so many people scratch their heads over the leaked printing about a month ago. While all of that clamor has been going on, Subaru’s internal JDM tuning counterpart STI has been keeping their hands busy with a little project of their own.

2013 Subaru Legacy STi Sedan

Apparently STI has found a the perfect models to work some of their tuner magic on, and it’s not an Impreza like you would typically think. It seems like that the perfect model for the tuning project was, and is the Subaru Legacy. Now most people would never really consider a Legacy as a prime candidate for an in house tuning upgrade, but little does the average driver know how well the Subaru Legacy accepts some mechanical love. Now for what we know about this project, is that the STI Legacy’s will be sold as a limited edition vehicle, and the speculated number sits at 300, for now.


As it stands the upgrades will be given to both the sedan, and wagon Legacy models. So there will be some sweet looking 2013 Subaru Legacy STI’s running the streets pretty soon. The modifications on these models will about 70% cosmetic, 20% drive train, and 10% simply awesome.

2013 Subaru Legacy STi Sedan 1

Both of these 2013 Subaru Legacy STI’s will adorn rear deck lid spoilers that just completes the already smooth look of the slick looking mid-sized sedan. Front, and rear lower skirts assist in giving these cars a severely hunkered down look. As if the Legacy didn’t already look spot on, there’s now a set of honeycomb grille inserts that now reside in air damn openings. Also adding to the slick tuner mystique of these cars are some chrome exhaust tips, and 18” alloy wheels. The tuning treatment continues on the inside of the 2013 Subaru Legacy STI as well. Where the lucky driver of one of these great looking cars will be treated to some Black leather seating with Red stitching, along with a handsome, but yet sporty steering wheel with the same matching look. Gray Carbon trim pieces contrast the color pallet, while a “Nick Toro” Gear shifter makes it’s appearance for the first time in one of these cars.

2013 Subaru Legacy STi Sedan 3

The ‘Best Supporting” role goes to the upgraded suspension that is aiding the 2.5L Boxer four cylinder motor, that unfortunately remains unchanged. Any power adders that will be had in these cars will need to come the owners themselves. Included in the suspension upgrades are a new set of sport coil overs, lower control arms, shock absorbers, bushings, and an improved strut bar. Finally making that raspy rumble that most Subaru lovers know, and love is a sport modified exhaust system. Pricing as it stands in Japan is at 3,528,00 Yen which translates into roughly $45,100 USD, or 35,000 Euros. It hasn’t been officially released when these cars will appear in showrooms, but best believe that they will not last long when they do pop up.

 2013 Subaru Legacy STi Sedan 4


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