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2013 Toyota Auris

The 2013 Toyota Auris. Redesigned & Revitalized.

Published September 26, 2012

In keeping with the Toyota vibe for another moment, there has been recent news of a model 2013 Toyota Auris Five Doorthat is just about confirmed to be released very soon, and it seems that Toyota is hard pressed to make sure that this car makes the proper impression.

The 2013 Toyota Auris is a car that has been on the road for about 6 years and has been generally well respected, and loved by Toyota fans all over the world. In the US we know this car as the Toyota Yaris, and it too was received with open arms. As of late the Auris, and Yaris were two cars that seemed to have suffered from neglect in the style department, and popularity for both has slightly diminished. With that in mind Toyota found some time to spruce up the Auris model, and make it a lot more interesting.

Toyota 2013 Auris The 2013 Toyota Auris has been redesigned inside and out, and the looks of it show just that. For 2013 the Auris has the styling cues that have been borrowed from Toyota’s NS4 Plug-in Hybrid Concept. That similar pointed nose, and drawn back headlights address you as meet the new 2013 Toyota Auris for the first time. Toyota focused on aerodynamics intensely for both versions of the Auris, and the sharply sculpted lines that flow from front to back ensure that the time developing this, was well spent. Now being that this car is a European Spec Toyota the power for the Auris was heavily considered help move this car around for the future.

Power for the 2013 Toyota Auris comes in two forms, one being a petrol, and the other being a hybrid drive option. The Euro spec Auris will be set to use one of the following motors, a 2.4L diesel, a 1.33L Petrol, and a 1.6L petrol. The second power option is Toyota’s patented Hybrid Synergy Drive that runs in conjunction with a 1.8L Petrol engine. A standard five speed automatic or manual transmission will keep this car moving in the right direction.

Another tidbit about the 2013 Toyota Auris is the amount of space that has been achieved on2013 Toyota Auris Hybrid the inside of the car. By improving the stiffness, and overall geometry on the chassis of the Auris allowed for designers to improve upon the cabin space. With Toyota’s Smart Packaging techniques rear knee and leg room was improved by over 90mm, and then following those numbers is a 10% increase in luggage space for the hatchback models. It’s still up in the air for when the 2013 Toyota Auris will showroom floors, but when they do show up, expect a flood of demands for every model available. Below you will find the a video look at the 2013 Toyota Auris Hybrid. Enjoy & Share.





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