The 2014 Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. Expensive Open Air Driving

Updated November 22, 2014

 So, of course you must have heard about the Lamborghini Veneno right? This autowise.comwas the Superstar Stunner that Lamborghini felt the need to create in order to let people know that they could build more than the usual wedge looking car, as well as celebrate their 50th Anniversary in style. Well pretty much the Veneno Prototype was this multi-million dollar baby that’s supposed to be one of the hottest cars ever made, since the Veyron hit the streets. A quick facts list is as follows. The Veneno Prototype is rocking a 6.5L All Aluminum V12 motor that produces well over 700+ Hp, and oodles of unrelenting torque. This car’s chassis is a complete lightweight Carbon Fiber monocoque design that makes this street fighter lighter on it’s toes than most tuned GTR’s. Primarily the Veneno Prototype was made to compete with the 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari, (Still a stupid name.) and the McLaren P1 hypercars, and maybe a few others provided that they hit the market, and make their presence known. With that said, why the Hell are we here today? Well, apparently Lamborghini decided to one up themselves by delivering a new Veneno to the world. The brand new…… wait for it, 2014 Veneno Roadster. Woohoo!! So know you can get that ultra modern looking, highly expensive, alien jet fighter in a topless version. So what will come of this new attribute to the Lamborghini family? Well the 2014 Veneno Roadster will come with the very same 6.5l V12 engine, making the same 750hp, the same chassis, the same interior, more headroom, and it will be All Wheel Drive. A sweet push rod suspension setup in all four corners, coupled with some top of the line horizontal damping units for that extra touch of Va Va Vroom Baby!! The Veneno Roadster will ride on a set of 20” wheels in the front, and 21” wheels in the back, thus basically setting the tone for all of those other cars, super, or hyper to set up to the plate. As it has been mentioned before that this car is a true roadster. Not a convertible. There’s no roof to be had on this car. You won’t see any of that flimsy rag top nonsense on this car. You get nothing more than a structurally sound piece of hardened material that is in the shape of a roll bar, and more air than an Ariel Atom can suck in on a good day. Honestly though, I wouldn’t worry so much about rolling, as I would worry about crashing this multi-million dollar sci-fi experiment on wheels. Now speaking of prices, the asking price for this car stands at around 3.3 Million Euros, and that roughly translates into …… hold on let me get my math right for this. That’s about 4.5Million USD. Shit man, that’s a lot of cheddar right there. To entice those Sheiks over in Abu Dhabi even further, Lamborghini announced that will only make NINE (9) of these cars for the entire year of 2014. That’s what you call rare boy!!! Well if anything, we can all sit back and see when this car pops up somewhere in L.A., parked in front of Starbucks owned by some pompous rich guy who’s probably too far stuck up his own ass to enjoy what he’s driving.        So, there you have it. This is how you celebrate 50 years of building great cars for the masses to enjoy. Not many other companies can say that they built a 4 Million dollar car because it was their 50th Anniversary. If anything be sure to keep us up to date with your comments about this segment. Until next time, be safe, and keep it between the rails.



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