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Nissan NV200 Taxi of NYC. The new standard of Yellow.

The 2014 Nissan NV200 Taxi.

Updated July 29, 2012

As a native New Yorker, I know what it is to take public transportation to wherever I need to go. In New York there’s never really a need to own a car, when you have the NYC Transit System in place. There’s a train that rumbles below your feet every eight minutes, and there are dozens of hybrid NYC buses that keep pace with the flow of life above ground. And if all else fails you can walk to where you need to go. Well walking actually depends on how far your destination is away from your starting point. But what if the train is jacked up, because of a faulty signal, and the buses are overcrowded due to the back up of the trains, and it’s just too damn hot to walk?  Where do you turn, what do you do? I’ll tell what you do, you turn to the 13,000+ NYC Yellow Cabs that constantly flow throughout NYC, like blood through veins in a beating heart.

The yellow cabs have been an essential part of NYC living for over 50 years now, and they are the part of NYC that will never go away.  For years the cabs of NY have carried millions of passengers from Uptown to Downtown, Broadway, to 1st Avenue, Manhattan to Brooklyn, all over the place, but one thing had a tendency to linger. From cab ride, to cab ride one thing always remained the same, the level of vexation that was had during the ride. For all of you that know what I’m talking about bear with me, but the rest follow me for a second.  How often have you needed to take a cab ride where after you got in, and took off there was scent, or smell that made you feel you were gonna be sick. Or even in an instance, where you got in the cab, and ride was just bumpy, and uncomfortable as all Hell?  Well over the years, those have been the issues,and slowly and steadily the NYC T&LC (New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission) have been striving to make things better for one and all who pay for a fare in a yellow cab. 

Well bringing things into modern times, the cabs of NYC are still buzzing around scooping up fares, but just in a more unique style. Gone are the Chevy Caprices, the Chrysler New Yorkers, and the Crown Victorias. Now you see, Ford Transit Connects, and Escapes. Toyota Camry Hybrids, and Chevy Tahoe Hybrids pushing their way through the city. Nissan has also stepped to the plate with their own version of cabs by volunteering Altimas to the roster. Even though the Altima is a fabulous car, what would be the icing on the cake? Another Nissan of course, that would be sweet. You’re probably thinking, a Maxima, or even a Titan. No you’d be wrong on that, it’s a bit smaller. It’s called the 2014 Nissan NV200 Taxi.  The 2014 Nissan NV200 Taxi is Nissan’s way of adding a positive part to the already huge, and ever growing population of yellow cabs in NYC.

The NV200 Taxi is a smaller version of Nissan’s new commercial van series, and will be making its way onto the streets of New York by 2014, if not sooner. The NV200 Taxi was developed with people in mind, and by this I mean passengers, as well as drivers were all interviewed to see what was desperately need in the cabs of NY. They already had credit/debit card payment options, security cameras, TV’s with local reports, but something else was missing. They found out that the ride was still a bit rough, and it wasn’t due to the hard suspension. They also found out that, today’s passenger may need to charge their phones, so USB ports were installed, more leg room was made available, along with a taller roof line. The storage in the rear was made more accessible, and even an automatic fold out step was incorporated into the mix. Now if that sounds good, the goodies didn’t stop there.  Nissan’s design team worked further on the cab, and decided to infuse a panoramic see through roof in the NV200.

This is a first in any cab. I mean could you imagine what it feels like to look up at the NY skyline from below, while riding in a cab? It would be simply amazing, and that was the wow factor that made this cab such a hit when it was introduced to the commission.  The power for this cab is a 2.0L four(4) cylinder engine that pushes out about 135hp, & 150lb ft. of torque. Not bad for a NY cab, not bad at all.  Overall this 2014 Nissan NV200 Taxi is warm welcome to the NYC yellow cab lineup. It still has a bit more testing that it needs to complete before getting the final go ahead, and becoming a Yellow Cab Alumni. Who knows, it just might pass the tests of NYC with flying colors, and become something much bigger than what it’s striving to be. A happy medium between form & function. 


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