The 2014 VW Microbus – E-Bulli

Updated February 7, 2017

You’re gonna have the best mobile hookah lounge ever!


Oh man it’s like déjà vu of the future or something cause I’m freaking out dude. Yes earth children the time has come to fight fascism, oppression, corporate greed in this the resurrection of the vehicle that you spent chasing around “the dead” in. Though you talked about saving the planet your VW microbus wasn’t exactly the cleanest vehicles to run around in. And since the times they are a changing we see that Volkswagen is looking to recapture the free spirits by offering them an electric, diesel and maybe a hybrid version of the 2014 VW microbus. In recent years we have seen Volkswagen showing off their Bulli microbus concept with it getting rave reviews from everybody wearing turquoise jewelry. So looks like Volkswagens getting closer to introducing this vehicle to the general public for 2014. Though not sure what changes will have to be made in order for it to pass safety regulations as it will have to be suited with crumple zones and plenty of air bags. What’s cool is that you taken the time to introduce such things as the pop up camper as well as a nostalgic design. We will not see the old-school flat faced front end due to safety reasons but we will certainly get a magic bus that will remind us of the days that we don’t really remember because we killed too many brain cells since then (I’m certainly one of them).


The Volkswagen Magic Bus


Volkswagen has started the Bulli into production although we are just getting information on the electric version. Volkswagen engineers are planning on giving this 2014 VW microbus and 85 kW electric motor and a 40 kW power supply that will range just under 200 miles according to Volkswagen. The interior will offer a ton of versatility so that you can make your microbus the best mobile hookah lounge at the music festival. There should be several options that you can play with whatever the 2014 VW microbus makes it to dealerships and if they can offer a diesel all-wheel-drive with the camper pop top and a stove then I will be parked right next to you at the music festival.


Reinforced rear-view mirror for supporting dream-catchers


This 2014 VW microbus looks to be a great vehicle no matter what you’re into. But being on an extended VW Golf chassis and there is the ability to have an all-wheel-drive version which would make for the most badass road trip vehicle in existence. I would certainly be writing this article from the road as I’m on my way to go surfing or snowboarding or mountain biking or kayaking or I will probably just get high and talk about those things. But either way, Volkswagen should have themselves a hot item I’m sure please officers all around will be pulling them over. So hopefully Volkswagen will offer several secret compartments in order to hide your….. VHS tapes in. Tell us what you think of the 2014 VW Microbus by writing to us below.

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