The 2015 Bilenkin Vintage is a Retro Take on a Modern Classic

Published December 2, 2015

Ask anyone what they think is the most beautiful car ever made, and the answer will probably be a car made decades ago. Classic cars have this allure that modern cars just can’t quite match. Modern cars, of course, offer a level of safety and performance that the classics could only dream of. But what if you could get the best of both worlds?


Thanks to a Russian company by the name of Bilenkin, you can get the retro styling of a classic with the performance and safety of an E92 BMW M3. So what is it, and how does it work?

Bilenkin Vintage

This model, that Bilenkin is calling the Vintage, is a coachbuilt car based on the E92 M3. This means that it is, technically, still an M3 underneath all of that bodywork. The suspension geometry along with the position of the seats and firewall will all remain the same as on the M3. The roof-line is maintained as well, as the roof and pillars are mandatory for safety reasons.


Not too sure if the funky interior can still contain all of the airbags that the M3 was equipped with from the factory, but that seems like a fair compromise. Since the cars are all built for customers, there is likely a wide range of options for the interior styling. That said, this is not the kind of car that benefits from a subtle color scheme, inside or out.


The Vintage is styled to look like a bit like a Volvo P1800, and that shows the most around the grille and headlights. The big sweeping lines in the body, the bold chrome trim running up onto the fins over the rear fenders, and the retro bumper and tail lights all add to the “wow” factor that this car has in droves.


The price is going to be around $132,000 in the US. That sounds pretty reasonable consider all that you’re getting. Let’s be honest here, there are going to be very few people on the fence about this car when it comes to owning one. The type of person who would buy this car already wants one the second they see it and read about what it is underneath the body. Others may appreciate it from a distance or laugh at it’s imperfections.


The fact that this is a new car does show through in some places, mainly along the roof. Also, due to this car being based on the M3, the whole thing looks a bit… fat. It looks like a Volvo P1800 that is holding its breath. Even with those minor gripes, no one who sits behind the seat of a custom built-for-them car that is based on a car as fantastic as the E92 M3 will be anywhere near disappointed. I hope this kind of thing catches on, to be honest. The world would be a more beautiful place.




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