The 2016 BMW 7 series Is The USS Defiant Of The Car World – The Best Created So Far By Humankind

Published June 10, 2015

Many asked how to tackle the Mercedes S-class, but only BMW and Audi answered the call and created the 7 series and the A8. Really, the cars were fantastic, sublime and perfected like no other, but the large horns of the S-class couldn’t be broken! BMW just unveiled the new BMW 7 series and they went berserk on it. This car you see on these pictures is at least five years ahead of everything currently in existence. It sounds like a cliche, but the new 7 series is probably the best car ever devised.


Just by looking at it you perhaps do not get the abovementioned idea. It looks like a proper BMW – long, hunkered down, aggressive and elegant. So, it’s a normal Beemer. However, the difference is in details. The whole exterior was created with two things in mind – to be as dominant and aerodynamically efficient as possible. BMW scienced the hell out of it creating probably the most efficient and most environment friendly executive saloon of all times.


However, we are eager to write about the things you can’t actually see on the pictures of the exterior and that is the architecture never seen before on any car. Lowering the weight, BMW  engineers devised a whole new construction method of the chassis and the frame thus improving its characteristics considerably.


Extensive use of carbon fiber and aluminum in its construction meant that the overall weight of the top notch version is lowered by 300 lbs. The same CFRP used on the “i” models is used for the creation of the new 7 series, but instead of having the exterior panels and whole chassis made out of the CFRP, BMW used it in conjunction with other materials. Creating something called “Carbon Core” BMW became the first manufacturer in the world using the CFRP, steel and aluminum interplay and thus improving the overall characteristics of the vehicle. The Carbon Core is something like having a carbon fiber spine in a human. Imagine the possibilities. That would be one tough homo sapiens. The BMW 7 series is the same. The stiffness of the chassis and the rigidity of the vehicle were considerably improved. Maybe even more important than that is the fact that the new innovative construction system is responsible for making the new 7 series possibly the safest car ever built (even safer than the newest Volvo XC90). Just to give you a hint of how safe it is, we’ll say that  reports show that the B pillar is almost impossible to bend! Well, we’re thinking about Star Trek ship called the USS Defiant and its ablative armour!? Here it is!


BMW obviously thinks big of the CFRP use. The company building the Carbon fiber elements for the BMW tripled its capacity after a cash infusion of 200 milion bucks made by Beemer. The new carbon fiber will suffice the production of the i3, the i8 and the new 7 series and we guess, it’ll additionally lower the cost of the CFRP.


As impressive as its frame is, every other element of the 7 series is equally scientifically preposterous. This will be the first mass produced vehicle with laser headlights, it will be the first Beemer with integrated chrome trim into rear lights and it will receive two-axle air suspension with automatic self-leveling. Basically, every single part of it has been modernized in such a way that it overshadows everything done by Benz, Audi, Lexus, Cadillac or anything else imaginable.


We intentionally linked the 7 series with the USS Defiant (basically the most advanced ship in Star Trek universe made by humans). The architecture is something unseen to this moment, the systems making it drive are more advanced than ever and the luxurious systems inside present a technological leap in every sense conceivable. The 2016 BMW 7 series received the iDrive system with gesture control (first in a production car), it received a special automatic parking system which makes the driver of this car Batman or James Bond. It even received a key with a freaking LCD display on it. Do you remember that James Bond had something similar back when he was driving the 7 series in a movie released 20 years ago. Well, this is just it!


At the beginning the BMW 7 series will be available with three different engines – a three liter diesel in the 730d (265 HP), a three liter petrol in the 740i (326 HP) and a V8 in the 750i (450 HP). Interestingly, the US will receive only long wheelbase version but the xDrive all wheel drive will be available for 730d and 750i.

Despite all of this, our thoughts are occupied with the technological masterpiece that the new BMW M5 will undoubtedly be. We can’t wait for it.



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