New Cadillac ATS-V

The 2016 Cadillac ATS-V Will Be The New German Kryptonite.

Updated December 1, 2014

 So, here we are at the moment where the reveal of a new car will promise more than a new set of wheels and tires to look at. This car has the style of its bigger brothers, and the will to dominate the sector that it proudly will leave it’s tire tracks on. The car that’s up for discussion today, is none other than the 2016 Cadillac ATS-V.

2016 Cadillac ATS-V


 Now, Cadillac has been the brand that has been pushing themselves into the public eye for quite some time now, and they’ve been doing a damn good job of it. When Cadillac finally dropped that whole, “Duck” motif, and adopted their, “Art & Science” vibe, things got really good. I mean REALLY REALLY GOOD. The Cadillac CTS was the first to hit the streets, and then the new Escalade drove hundreds to dealerships to get a piece of that new car smell. After 12 whole years, Cadillac has taken the necessary steps in order to produce, rather create a car that would not only tantalize the senses, by put the driver into a state of nirvana like no other. The new Cadillac ATS-V is a powerful four door sophisticated monster that thrives on proving wrong the Status Quo.

2016 cadillac ats-v For the first time ever, will a V Series car obtain the power that comes from a Twin Turbo Charged set up. Now being that we’re speaking on the power of this mighty vehicle, let’s dig into it shall we? The 2016 ATS-V comes to showrooms in Spring of 2015 with a 3.6L Twin Turbocharged V6 motor that produces a ground pounding 455Hp, and 445 ft-lbs of torque to the rear wheels. As it stands right now, after months of testing and development, the ATS-V can reach 60mph in 3.9 seconds, and tops off at 185mph. That pretty much puts it in direct contention with the likes of the Audi RS4, the Mercedes Benz C400 4Matic, and the BMW M3 Sedan. Notice how all of the competitors are German? That wasn’t a mistake. The ATS-V will also be coming to us as a completely redesigned vehicle, with a new chassis and suspension setup that no one has ever seen2015 BMW M4 Rear View before. People thought that the CTS-V was a bad ass with it’s magnetically controlled suspension pounding around the Nurburgring a couple of years back, setting a new standard for luxury sedans right? Well the ATS-V pretty much wants to capitalize on the path that big brother has laid down.

 So we already know what’s under the hood of this newly developed land missile, how about we spend a minute or two drooling over the components that lay behind this power plant. For starters, General Motors put their best foot forward by listening to the people who have been driving their CTS’s, their CTS-V’s, and their XTS’s, and in doing so they all heard the same thing. “We need a better, and more responsive transmission to back the power that’s being put down.” Ask, and Ye shall receive.

New Cadillac ATS-V


 The 2016 Cadillac ATS-V has two options for the GTA driver in all us. You can have your ATS-V with either a solid 6 speed manual gearbox with, “No Lift” launch control, or you can have the slick, and impressive 8 speed Paddle Shift transmission that comes with, Launch Control, and a new feature called Algorithm Shift. It will essentially come down to the type of driver you are, and who your passengers will be. {I’ll break that down at the end of this piece.}

 Further behind the engine bay you have the cockpit of the ATS-V, there you will find that the word luxury does not satisfy what awaits you every single time you open the door of this car. The designers at Cadillac wanted to make sure that your senses, as well as your mind was blown away when you grabbed, rubbed, touched, or simply felt any part of the interior of the ATS-V. As pornographic as that sounds, it makes more than perfect sense to me. 2016 cadillac ats-vWhen you sit down in the Mulan leather wrapped 16 Way Adjustable RECARO sport seat, you feel how the bolstered sides, seem to hold you in place without really trying. Every other button, lever, knob, or whatever has invoked a feeling of belonging. The way the paddle shifters feel to your fingertips, or how the reworked CUE system responds to your slightest touch. It sort of brings you in, it connects you, it binds you. That whole saying of, “Becoming one with your car” truly comes into play here. The microfiber inserts of the seats add a bit of flair to the interior, as it somehow slightly makes you second guess that this IS a performance luxury vehicle. At the rear of the car, the 2 passengers lucky enough to find themselves back there will have not a single complaint, other than possibly wanting the same luxurious feel in their own cars. Besides that, the CUE system provides you with a killer sounds system, top notch Satellite Navigation, Hands-Free Dialing, Voice Activation, Rear View Camera, 4G LTE Hot Spot Services, a Data Collector for those track days, and so much more. It’s border line ridiculous to actually try to read off everything that’s inside of this brilliant machine. But I digress people, we have one more area to cover, and I will leave you to your devices.

2016 Cadillac ATS-V saloon We now have to take a look at the exterior of this car, this proverbial punch in the gut if you will. Cadillac has indeed kept all of their sharp lines in this model, and for good reason. It looks f*cking amazing. I mean have you seen this car? Look at the pics, and tell me that that this car can not stand it’s ground with the likes of the Germans. The front fascia alone has been rescuplted more than Janice Dickinson’s face, and that’s saying a lot. Every corner, and sharp line was put where it is to help funnel more air into that monstrous twin turbo setup. Everything else behind that keeps the air, and the water flowing straight to the back of the car, where it’s simply cast off into oblivion while the driver does nothing more than hang onto his devilish grin. The rolling stock for the 2016 ATS-V is an all aluminum set of wheels that measure 19 x 9.5in., in the rear, and 19 x 9in in the front. All four corners are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires for lots of corner grip and traction. At the very rear of this car you’ll find what I like to call, “The High End NASCAR Wing”. It’s not your average spoiler. It sits a pretty sharp angle, and makes the ATS-V look like that much more of a track car. And then finally completing the style package is, or I should say are those killer dual exhaust pipes that sit at the bottom rear of the car. The sound that they channel through to the back of the ATS-V can be called harmonious, and that isn’t pumped in through the speakers folks.

2016 Cadillac ATS-V


 Now I’d like to wrap this up by saying this. The new 2016 Cadillac ATS-V is not only a car that I wished for, but is a car that needs to be taken very seriously. This car surely has the potential to be a luxurious daily driver, that will shuttle you to every destination without fail, or it can be something different. It can be the car that gets you in trouble 2016 cadillac ats-vwith your wife every time you feel the urge to stomp on the, “Loud Pedal” just because there’s an M4 sitting next you at a red light. Or it can be the car that gets your young teenage son some, “Swag Points” with his peeps, because they all think that your car is hotter then Jennifer, and her newly developed C-cup bosom. No matter how you slice it, this is a car that will demand the utmost in respect, and loyalty from it’s owner/driver. You can’t falter, you can’t wimp out, and above all, you can not keep this car dirty. You will have to decide on the type of driver you can be, you want to be, and what type of driver you can get away with being. You follow my drift? I’ll see you on the next one people. Until then, follow us in Twitter, LIKE us on Facebook, and leave your comments at the bottom. Deuces.

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