The 2016 Chevrolet Cruze Is Sleeker, Bigger And More Economical

Published July 3, 2015

Whether you like it or not, the Chevrolet Cruze was a nice GM’s hit. It has some strange sedan appeal that we forgot to cherish after all the crossover-thing-vehicles came to the market. Now, the Cruze comes in its second generation and it has a lot to fight for. First of all, the targeted sales for it aren’t sky high, but some of the most important analyst houses are actually sure that the US market for the compact sedans will shrink even more due to massive invasion of the crossovers of all sizes. However, we will not look at the newest Cruze from that standpoint. We don’t actually need to know how good would it be on the market, but how would it be used by ordinary customers.


Obviously, the car is much, much different than before. Although the last one wasn’t a styling flop, this new one seems like it comes from another universe. It’s sleek, stylish, shiny and, we have to say it, a bit coupeish. Although the designers had the last word, the template for making this car was carved out in the wind tunnel. As it is a high-volume car with estimates stating that more than 250.000 units will be sold in 2016, Chevrolet had to do all it could to make it as efficient and as nature friendly as possible. That is why the coupe shape is in place. Low drag values have been achieved and fine aerodynamic tuning ment that drag coefficient has been lowered to 0,29 Cd. That is low.


Also, GM made something else clear. They are dedicated to the development of lightweight architecture. The weight had been slashed by a 250 lbs (it’s a lot on a compact vehicle), but at the same time the overall dimensions were increased. Amazingly, the length has been increased by 2,7 inches, the wheelbase is longer by 1 inch, while on the other side the height of the car has been reduced by 1 inch in total.


Basically, this is a lower, meaner, more aggressive and amazingly, more comfortable (if you aren’t a basketball player) car than before. Following the “green path”, GM engineers developed a whole new entry level engine for the Cruze. Instead of the old 1,8-liter naturally aspirated unit, the Cruze received a 1,4 liter turbocharged petrol engine developing 153 HP and 177 lb ft of torque. Being lighter and receiving a new engine meant only one thing – the Cruze has become more economical and faster. Officially, 8 seconds is needed for 60 which is a bit better than the average. Also, with the automatic transmission, the 2016 Chevrolet Cruze is reportedly capable of 40 mpg.


As outward dimension were improved, the cabin of the Cruze became a bit less cramped. More room for knees and for shoulders is reported and from what we can see on the pictures the interior became a whole lot better place than before. It is reported that the entry level car will get a 7 inch display, while the better equipped model will get an 8 inch display and an infotainment system capable of supporting Android Auto and CarPlay.


All in all, the 2016 Chevrolet Cruze is an all new car. Profound changes have been made and it definitely comes to market prepared to take on every other Japanese, European and Korean compact sedan. It is very safe (10 airbags, disc brakes and a rearview camera as standard) and a host of new driving aids are optional. You’ll be able to buy it first thing in 2016.





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