The 2016 Chevrolet Silverado Received All The Flashy Things A “Real Man” Can Do Without

Updated July 15, 2015

Although they are trying to market the Silverado as a real man’s truck, the sales results aren’t really catching up. They’ve even dissed the Ford  F-150 aluminum architecture in their latest commercial you can see here, but we doubt that that will change the things much in their favour. However, they have one powerful trick up their sleeve – they’ve just released a redesigned Silverado and it looks better than ever. Releasing a redesign after only two years is a bit worrying, but the sales actually started to go up a few months ago and they are certainly looking to give it a push in an effort to reach the sales results of its main aluminum competitor – the Ford F-150.


The 2016 Chevrolet Silverado is therefore updated in the key areas and the car has been cherished with the things that should make it more modern and more appealing to more customers than ever. In the single photo we have, you can see that the Silverado received a modernized front end. Many things have been changed upfront but that muscly character and alpha-male look have not been changed a bit. Receiving nice LED lights, the Silverado definitely became more upscale than before. The car you see here is actually a LTZ version and all the things you see here you’ll probably be without on the entry level car. The LTZ received nice powerful grill deep front bumper with enormous chrome decoration on it and a muscly hood. That is the feature we like the most. Every powerful car without properly angered hood is losing some of its appeal. Chevy corrected that injustice on the Silverado.

The changes have been made to the back of the truck (we don’t see them actually, but the prototypes roaming the US had rear end masked), but we doubt anything too controversial or radical happened there. Following the industry standards and trends, Chevrolet had to radically improve the infotainment and entertainment systems in the Silverado. It looks like even “real man” who get the things done have become too dependent on the Internet and on smartphones so Chevrolet Silverado now supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. Some report the integration of additional safety equipment and modern eight speed automatic which became available in much wider scale.

What we are really seeing here is that “man’s truck” has never been less manley. At one instance, Chevrolet advertises it as a steel built powerful truck that can be as tough as an Grizzly bear. In reality, they filled the thing with Internet connectivity, modern infotainment system, safety equipment which does almost everything for you (and can even park for you) and modern fuel saving eight speed transmission. However, the Chevy did not become softer. We became softer and that is not that bad. The new Silverado may not be hardcore and pure like before, but it’ll haul better, tow more, look more manly and get the things done without anyone being killed in the process. This is the way to go plus it doesn’t look bad at all.


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