The 2016 Ducati Diavel – Carbon Edition

Published October 1, 2015

If you’re going to call your machine “Diavel” then it had better live up to it’s name and be a literal creature of hell. This is Ducati’s 2016 Carbon Edition, and it certainly is as beastly as it’s namesake.


Ducati might fall under the umbrella of the VW emissions scandal currently dominating the press but let’s not a little bit of smudging of numbers and technology fiddles get in the way of what’s really important: this Ducati is something you’ll want to own, crooked or not.


As you’d expect from the Carbon Edition clue in the title, this 2016 model comes with a fairly healthy dose of intimidating carbon fiber, which not only makes the Diavel look like it came straight from a cave under Wayne Manor, has shaved the bike’s overall weight down to a svelte 205 kilos (452 lbs), – that’s 35 kilos less than the standard model – which will be a welcome weight loss for the worlds numerous Diavel riders. Combine the rapid weight loss with a new exhaust system – Zircotec coated exhaust manifolds, no less – forged wheels, a new seat and of course, a brand new Testastretta 11 degree Dual Spark engine, you’re talking about a serious machine.


The new Testastretta boasts an incredible 162 hp from it’s 1,198cc engine, now imagine that combined with the Diavel’s new weight: that’s a whopping 0 to 60mph in just less than 2.6 seconds, with a top speed that pushes the 168mph marker, and probably a little bit more.


Of course, like all modern bikes, the new Ducati Diavel Carbon comes with all of the electronic gadgetry that you’d expect, including ABS, Ducati’s own tried and tested Traction Control and a wide range of Ducati’s preset riding modes, from around town comfortable commuting and cruising, to top level sports mode for those who really want to get a thrill out of the twisties.


The Carbon Edition isn’t the only new Diavel in the spotlight, but it certainly is the most incredible to look at. In addition to the Carbon Edition, Ducati have also announced a Dark Stealth Version, with more matt black than you could possible handle in a single dose, covering the frame, wheels and tank.


It’s a powerful, sinister and incredibly sporting looking machine. And it’s available from October 2015 too. Unless Volkswagen have any more scandals just waiting to come out… Anyway, it’s a fine looking machine, and while yes, it is a Ducati (which means that it run like a dream when it’s healthy and behave like a dog on it’s off days) it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t all admire this ferocious devil of a machine.




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