The 2016 GMC Yukon Is Safer And It Can Be Prettier

Published June 13, 2015

Back in September 2013, GMC revealed the all new Yukon and the Yukon XL for the 2015 model year. The look was new, the interior much better sorted out than before and all the complete drivetrain was updated and improved. That is why we really couldn’t expect anything special for the 2016 GMC Yukon and the Yukon XL. However, the rather successful GM’s SUV that found its way to more than 71.000 buyers last year comes with some interesting improvements nevertheless.


As one of the most important GMC SUVs, the 2016 Yukon received only a few additional elements compared to the 2015 model. GMC really didn’t have the need to overhaul the car as it was a successful seller over the whole past year. However, customer support had to work day and night and they’ve figured out that the customers wanted a few more things from the Yukon and the Yukon XL.


First of all, the practicality had to be enhanced. That is why the LTE versions received a standard hands-free tailgate. GMC official statement says that “the hands-free liftgate allows a customer with a keyless entry fob – and full hands – to open and close the liftgate by waving his or her foot under a sensor beneath the rear fascia.” Basically, the system works much the same as on any other car out there except for that special 2016 Hyundai Equus of course.


Complementing the aggressive, almost mobster like stance are two new color choices. Named Crimson Red Tintcoat and White Frost Tricoat, the new colors certainly spruced things up and provided the customers with more personalisation options. It seems that many wanted much more personalization of the car in comparison with what was available from the start. Also, two new wheel options were added. Interestingly, both new designs are based on the 22 inch wheels just showing how berserk GMC buyers can go. The capless fuel filler is the final visual touch.


New colors, better wheels and a few new details on the outside are really all that the Yukon needed in the cosmetics department. Under the metal, everything stayed much the same although the Enhanced Driver Alert Package received  an all new Lane Keep Assist system which can act on its own. Basically, with it the Yukon became a sort of a robot which can steer itself back in the track if the SUV unintentionally starts to move out of the track. This system is now used by a number of vehicles, with the higher end cars getting it regularly. Also, the Enhanced Driver Alert Package is now complemented with the “IntelliBeam headlamp technology, which automatically turns on and off the vehicle’s high-beam headlamps according to surrounding traffic conditions.”


All in all, the GMC Yukon isn’t much different than before, but the buyers are now able to make it a bit more unique and they’ll be safer than they were before.





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