The 2016 Mamba GT3 Street Concept Is The Most Fabulous Bizarre Thing Ever

Will the Mamba GT3 Price scare away buyers or attract the right kind of lunatic?

Updated October 4, 2018

Yes, this is an animated rendering of a car that should be revealed next year. Apparently created by the Casborn Styling Studio, these renderings actually show what kind of a body kit will the Mamba GT3 Street Concept get and when we say the Mamba GT3 Street Concept, we actually mean the BMW M4. This thing is apparently based on it and while the Casborn works on the striking exterior, Detroit-based Hoffy Automobiles (a tuning company) is in charge of massive and quite unique performance upgrades which aim to provide a unique thrill when driving this beast.

Mamba GT3 Price to be in excess of $200,000

The BMW M4 is a fine car on its own, but giving it such a rework is a two-edged sword. You could screw it up more than you should and if you enrage BMW fans some really unreasonable things will start happening. First of all, if a tuner does a poor job, he would basically have to stop tuning Bimmers. The BMW fan base is that strong and dedicated not to signal when turning. Yes, an awkward random fact, but you get the point!

BMW M4 Mamba GT3 Overhead View

This car is far from over. Actually, we do not have the first idea whether someone started  working on it, but the idea seems plausible. Look at it. It has an extremely large front air intake with a myriad of smaller air intakes inside it. So, how insane is it? Very insane as it seems! Hoffy Automobiles plans to change the BMW M4 in such an extent that the very idea is a bit unsettling, even as a rendering. If you look closely, Hoffy wants to change the following: the front and rear lights, all the bumpers, fenders skirts, the bonnet, the entire rear end, or to put things as they truly are they want to change basically everything. This is as if they were telling BMW they do not like anything about the car.

BMW M4 Mamba GT3 Rear End

Actually, they hate it so much that engineers from Hoffy Automobiles are searching for a way to increase the power by a healthy margin. And when we say healthy we are talking about 285 hp. That is a huge power gain which ups the business end of the BMW M4 to a monstrous 710hp and over 500 lb-ft of torque. Now, that is a whole lot of power for a car which has the presence of a GT3 racer. How much GT3 is it!? With changed suspension, reworked aero bits on the outside and a great deal of changes on the insides, this truly resembles a GT3 racer.

Mamba GT3 Price locked in at $211k for the 550 hp model

The guys who released this did not show us the interior, but this will sum it up pretty neatly: it has GTS-style seats, steering wheel and gear shifter dressed in Alcantara, a custom built HUD like in jet fighters and a new 600-watt surround sound system. So, it should unleash quite a bang,  don’t you think so!?

BMW M4 Mamba GT3 Rear Quarter

Although this is merely a rendering of all the prospects of this car, tuners actually announced they plan to unveil it in February 2016. As it turns out, there are actually two version of the Mamba GT3. The Mamba GT3 Price is locked in at a whopping $211,000 for the 550 hp version while the 1,000 hp water-injected hypercar BMW M4 Mamba GT3 price sits pretty at a cool $350,000. The only question that remains is how many hardcore, die-hard BMW fans are going to shell out that kind of cash for something like this. Our bet? At least a few. And we get to thank them for helping make this vision a reality when it finally hits the streets at a car meet probably not near you.

BMW M4 Mamba GT3 Price set to $350k for the 1,000 hp variant

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