The 2016 Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG Is Faster Than Many Sports Cars

Published July 1, 2015

You may not be aware of it, but there is, in the realm of German premium brands and in their Hot-Hatch segment an utter war at play. They are trying to slash each other so eagerly that every few months we can see new cars coming out with all the more dangerous weapon overshadowing anything from everyone else. Audi and Mercedes lead this fight, but soon, BMW will join them with the M2 (and possibly the 1M). The last time we’ve checked, Audi was winning the war with the RS3 and its 2.5 liter five cylinder engine developing 367 HP. Now, however, Mercedes revealed a whole new redesigned A-class and the redesign touched the A45 AMG as well.


Yes, they’ve made some exterior modifications, made a few better aerodynamic touches, tinkered a bit with the suspension and presumably with the transmission, but the most important change for the A45 AMG is the power hike. Proving that it still is the most powerful four cylinder engine in the world, AMG upped the power of  their two liter turbocharged unit to mind-boggling 381 HP and 351 lb ft of torque. That is more than 20 HP than before and more importantly, that is 14 HP more than in an Audi engine. It is hard to see when all of this will reach a limit because Volkswagen already announced the Golf R400, Mercedes will probably introduce an even more powerful AMG A45 and even Ford has a small hatch with 350 HP. We live in sick times, don’t we!?


Apart from the hottest A45 AMG, Mercede-Benz reworked and made better the car in its entirety. Even though you might struggle to see the stylistic novelties there really are some. The bumpers received a few new details, the grille has that new diamond shaped pattern, while the light graphic was also changed. Of course, the modernity is definitely accentuated by the new full LED headlights but they cost a lot.


More important changes were done on the inside where the new instrument cluster graces the interior and modern infotainment systems will be able to provide support of the Apple and Google based systems. Interestingly, every engine in offer received some kind of modification. Of course, you’ll get a few more HP and a bit less fuel consumption, with the most fuel efficient engine being the Renault sourced 1.5-liter diesel. It is officially reported that the Mercedes A-class with this engine can return awesome 67 mpg.


Now, let’s get back to the A45 AMG. Equipped with all the things Mercedes offers for it (AMG DYNAMIC PLUS package and AMG RIDE CONTROL sport suspension), the A45 AMG is capable of accelerating to 62 mph in mad, almost unreal 4,2 seconds. That is better than you get on a V12 Aston Martin DB9. Hell yeah! With so much power and smart systems channeling it to the wheels, the hot hatches of today are more than insane. They have a power and speed to match the speed of supercars a few generations old.


All in all, Mercedes did the unthinkable with the A45 AMG and made a true sportscar out of it. We can’t wait to see what BMW and Audi have in store for us.



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