The 2016 Mini Cooper Convertible Can Be Fast And Quirky

Published October 26, 2015

Mini released the Cooper Convertible and while we do not find it especially… special, we can see it selling in nice numbers. It is a trendsetter car with the appeal of a classic British icon. The main difference compared to the last one is the newest iteration being far more practical and usable. The numbers do not lie and the new one has higher numbers in every possible measurable way.


Based on the new UKL platform, the 2016 Mini Cooper Convertible is a car inheriting all it could from the latest Cooper. It measures more in length, more in width and has a longer wheelbase than ever. That said, Mini enlarged it in all crucial areas. Obviously, the car features more room for the back passengers, better boot capacity, larger cup holders and more stuff you will actually use – like storage spaces for the phones and miscellaneous. But, c’mon, this is a Mini Cooper!? Are we that much into storage spaces and everything!? Of course not.


The larger footprint can occasionally make up a better car. Especially when dealing with small pocket rockets. The Cooper Convertible received the wider front and back track, it lost some weight and its center of gravity dropped. If  you are still thinking about the Cooper Convertible as a joke, think again. This is the type of a car that threatens the Miata. Actually, it is faster than our favourite sports car. Thinking about it, picture this! The Miata has a small 1.5L four banger, the Mini as well (turbocharged though)! The weights are much the same (at 2660 lbs more or less) and both can be had with the manual transmission. What the Miata lacks and the Mini has is a higher powered turbocharged engine.


Getting the two liters turbocharged petrol engine with 192hp from the Cooper S, the new Convertible is a hot driving machine. Small, nimble, light, fast and  fun are words best describing the new car. Also, the convertible roof (available with the Union Jack flag on top) with the 18 seconds opening or closing procedure is another feature everyone will like a lot.


Moreover, the Convertible got the 1.5L diesel engine and additionally 1.2L turbocharged engine. Of course, we can expect only higher powered models here in the US which lead us to the JCW version. It will happen. With insane 230+hp and some nice driving aids, the sporty version will be far more capable compared with some of the higher class models. Even the Scion FR-S or some other entry level compact hot hatches will not be able to keep up. Actually, the classic Cooper JCW is already faster. The Convertible can run to 62 mph in 7,1 seconds and crack 140 mph. Enough!?


All in all, the new Mini Cooper Convertible is here and it is looking far better than before. As a bonus, we get the size, the speed, new tech and the best engines BMW has ever made. Cool.



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