The 2016 Toyota Hilux Is Here, But Is It Rugged As Before

Published June 3, 2015

If you ever watched CNN reports on war from countries in the middle East or Africa, you might remember that all the vehicles shown on footage are Toyota trucks. Yes, the whole world, good guys, bad guys as well as those in the middle use Toyota trucks to get things done. The Toyota truck in question is the Hilux, possibly the most rugged, baddest and the most reliable truck the world has ever seen. Up until this moment, Toyota has sold more than 16 million Hilux trucks since its introduction in 1968 and this year saw the coming of an all new version – the 2016 Toyota Hilux.


Continuing to conquer the roads in more than 180 countries where it is sold, the Toyota Hilux truly represents the ultimate utility vehicle valued by everyone. If we are to compare the Toyota Hilux with something, we would chose Coca Cola. Do you sometimes sit in a tavern and the waiter comes rushing and asking you what do you want to drink!? Those times when you can’t figure out what do you really want your subconscious says Coca Cola. The same is with the Hilux. If you need to transport bricks, construction equipment or to mount a gun in the bed, your subconsciousness whispers the Hilux. It’s that simple.


So, the task of creating an all new car must have been a difficult one for Toyota engineers. Since they had to to make it a bit more city friendly a new designing team was employed and the results are much better than before. With more chromed elements, better sorted front end with aggressively positioned headlights and with LED daily lights, the Hilux definitely left conventional lines behind. The new Hilux is a better looking vehicle than before, but do bear in mind that this isn’t its main feature. Much more upscale interior additionally shows that the guys from Toyota wanted to refine it as much as possible, but without losing that famous rugged character of the car that can do anything anytime and anywhere. By integrating much of the equipment from smaller cars (notably from the Corolla), the crew managed to make the Hilux feel and look a bit more friendly towards city dwellers; however, Toyota convinces us that the rugged character and true utilitarian features were also additionally enhanced for its eighth generation.


An enhanced cabin comfort, a quieter ride and reduced NVH values did not come with a price. The Hilux is still a very capable machine for towing and hauling and with the advanced all wheel drive and a special manual transmission with rev matching technology (first for a truck ever) it became a rather capable off-roader. Providing power for all four wheels is a four liter V6 engine with 278 HP. Also, Toyota offers a smaller 2,7 liter engine with 164 HP. Of course, the Hilux is much more valued as a diesel powered car so Toyota made available two new diesel units for it. A 2,4 liter engine provides power of 160 HP and 295 pound-feet of torque while the top of the line diesel powered Hilux will be powered by a 2,8 liter engine  developing 174 HP and 331 pound-feet of torque.


All in all, the 2016 Toyota Hilux is much different than before. It received better engines, it became more car-like than ever before, but it did not lose the temper and the stance of the true heavyduty truck. We would like to see this one in a Top Gear test with Jeremy, Hammond and May! They had a special connection with the Hilux. Unfortunately, that will not happen – ever.



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