The 2020 Chevrolet Camaro Will Literally Shock You

Will the New Chevy Camaro go Hybrid?

Updated June 14, 2018

There might be some spinning graves for the deceased lovers of Camaros come to the realization that a vacuum might share the same basic principles as the beloved muscle car. Ok, that is reaching but here is what we know thanks to suppliers, patent trolls, and well-compensated employees. Wall Street Journal has reported that over half of the design and engineering staff have to be tasked with design and implementation of proficient electric and electric-hybrid drivetrains for the next generation of vehicles. 

The 2020 Chevy Camaro Will Be Better

Old timer petrolheads will scoff at this notion but GM is not stupid. They are taking the same stance as Tesla. Better performance and innovation are key. Even though the Camaro will not be fully electric, it will have both gas and electric motors producing more (total) power and now, instant torque. The result is that the 2020 Camaro will deliver faster 0-60 speeds and with a strong emphasis on weight reduction means that better braking, skidpad, and overall cornering will improve. 

What About Heavy Components? 

When you mention electric performance, battery weight comes into play. Even though today’s batteries are continuing to maintain a longer charge and life, GM engineers might throw out a trick or two in order to make these the fastest factory Camaro ever. Super-capacitors and regenerative braking could mean that not only will there be no plug but little weight from the new electrical components. 

2020 Camaro Will Still Feel Like A Camaro

GM engineers and designers are working to give the 2020 Camaro the feel of a beastly big block in a tiny package. With the capacitors and the electric assisting motor(s), the regular customer is not going to be able to see any of the electrical components. When talking to a source, the customer will enjoy the car’s performance so much, that they won’t care what is powering it. 

2020 Camaro Performance And Aftermarket

With the car having a hybrid powertrain means that 3rd-party performance shops will have the ability to boost figures even further. Sources remarked that an updated 2.0 L turbocharged inline-four attached to the hybrid drivetrain hit pre-production numbers of 451hp and 512 lb-ft of torque. This according to sources will help the vehicle reach 0-60 in the high 3’s. When asked about V8 figures, they simply replied: “We have a statement to make with a dominate recipe”. With the help of a turbo, direct injection, variable valve timing and electric assist, the 2.0L Camaro was quoted as having (a very sudden and smooth power band).

2020 Camaro Weight Loss 

The mass carbon fiber supplier Teijin is reported to be tooling for a mass of body panels and structural components. This could mean potentially, hundreds of pounds shed from the previous generation of Camaros. As we learn more, we will report as soon as possible.




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