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The 2022 Nike One. Fiction to Fruition?

Can They Make The Nike One Car A Reality By 2022?

There’s a vehicle that has been a concept for quite a few years now and more or less it will never see the light of day.  Unless a group of car builders decide to go all in, and make this concept come to life. The vehicle in question you may ask? The 2022 Nike One. The 2022 Nike One was first introduced in a very odd place of sorts. It was brought to light as a bonus vehicle in a world famous video game called Gran Turismo 4.

As I mentioned before this is a totally fictional car, but its attention to detail is uncanny. One of the main features of this concept is the fact that it is a one man vehicle, that basically conforms to the body of the driver.  The overall shape of this car has the driver moving around in the prone position (laying down on your belly). The frame, of course would be made completely of Carbon Fiber, and Magnesium making it as light as it is sexy. The contoured profile is befitting of a Japanese Anime style futuristic quad bike.  The Fiber glass canopy is completely see through, all the while, the color of the canopy can change depending on weather conditions. Another key point of the canopy, is the heads up display that can only be viewed from the inside.

In addition to being viewed from the inside, the HUD also includes a rear facing wide view camera that’s mounted just below the rear spoiler. In keeping with the rear end of the car for a moment the tail end of the 2022 Nike One was designed to emulate the tail of a whale that has crested out of the water. What this means is, the spoiler raises up when the brakes are applied.  The more pressure you apply, the quicker the spoiler raises to aide in stopping the car. The rolling stock for this work of art is a set of four electromagnetic, electric motors that are flush mounted to the inner walls of these stunning 21” see through hub-less chrome wheels. The tires that wrap these wheels are a recycled based, long lasting rubber compound that incorporates a regenerative Nitrogen pump that constantly regulates air pressure to keep the ride not only amazingly smooth, but makes the Nike One extremely nimble on the road.  For night time driving, the 2022 Nike One has two sets of LED/HID type lights. They sit one on top of the other. The upper set swivel, and follow the exact movements of the drivers head , as he looks around before he makes his turns on the road. The lower set, are fixed HID lights that brightly illuminate up to 150ft of the road in front of the car.

So in closing, the 2022 Nike One was a concept that made it off of the drawing board, and into a video game, but was too far advanced for the time it was introduced. The stunning design is more than amazing, it’s something that needs to be built. Now it just comes down to who’s daring enough to build it.

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