2084 Chrysler Hovercar-Total Recall

The 2084 Chrysler Hover Car.

Who hasn’t always wanted a Hover Car?

Updated January 5, 2018

Who remembers Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger? So this past Friday, a new and extremely updated remake of the pop culture classic was released featuring Colin Farrell, and Kate Beckinsale. Subsequently it features another big name that most, if not all of who have seen this movie don’t even realize is in there. Chrysler.. and a hover car.

On August 3rd Total Recall was released in theaters, and Chrysler was on hand for the gala with not only their Chrysler 200 Convertible on hand, but also the newly popular 2084 Chrysler Hover Car that was seen throughout the movie. Chrysler’s CEO Olivier Francois was standing proudly next to the futuristic car, on the red carpet, during the red carpet premier. Francois looked like a brand new father, smiling ear to ear, as if his son just won the World Series. Chrysler, and Dodge was once thought to be a sinking ship, has been miraculously pulled to shore with the help of Fiat, and is now doing better than ever. The original dynamic duo of Dodge, and Mopar have seen higher sales numbers since the new merger. Sales have been up over 13% in the past months.Hovercar 2084 Chrysler2084 Chrysler Hovercar

The 2084 Chrysler Hover Car officially doesn’t have a name to be called by, so everyone who is a car fanatic, such as myself is stuck repeating the long, and somewhat boring title. As per the movie description, the 2084 Chrysler Hover Car maneuvers better than your average hover craft. It flows, and moves like a vehicle that it is magnetically charged. What comes to mind is Tom Cruise’s, Minority Report, where all of the vehicles traveled via magnetically powered roads that allowed any, and every vehicle to move in all directions. So, this car of sorts plays off of that same principle. Being able to stop, and change directions at the drop of a dime. One of the keys scenes involves the Chrysler being involved in a chase where it’s able to move from the actual road to, driving under it. This is where that whole magnetic drive come into play. Director Len Wiseman felt that the cars should still instil the feeling of actual movement, and decided to make the cars pitch, and roll when accelerating, turning, and braking. Trust me, it worked superbly.

Of course this being a futuristic movie there’s no guarantee that the 2084 Chrysler Hover Car will ever come to fruition. Unlike Chrysler’s last movie, Fast Five, where all of the featured vehicles are presently still on the road today. The 2012 Dodge Charger, grabbed audiences by the head, and literally said, “Watch this!”. It’s unknown when Dodge/Chrysler will be involved in another film where their vehicles are some of the key players in the movie, but all we can do is hope for the best, and wait for something fantastic to happen. 


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