The 765 hp Dodge Viper ACR by GeigerCars packs a venemous BITE.

This Dodge Viper ACR Horsepower Is Too Hot To Handle

Updated October 2, 2018

Right off the line, the Dodge Viper ACR is a monster of a machine. The Viper ACR’s 8.4-liter V-10 already cranks out 645 horsepower. The naturally-aspirated engine puts out 600 pound-feet of torque as-is. The ACR’s racing inspiration is clear. Whether you’re talking about the ACR’s Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes and Bilstein coilover shocks. Even the minimalist interior screams racecar.

Viper ACR Horsepower Boost 1

Despite all that, the crew at Germany’s GeigerCars have gone ahead and turned it up to “11”.

Viper ACR Horsepower Boost 2

The German team first created an engine program that squeezes out 111 more horsepower. To compliment the software upgrade they added new ported cylinder heads and larger 2.215 inch intake valves. GeigerCars’ package also includes high-lift camshafts, new hydraulic lifters, pushrods, and double-valve springs.

Viper ACR Horsepower Boost 3

The ACR’s exhaust system sees upgrades, with new headers, and 200-cell catalytic converters. The new system is sewn together with stainless steel piping. The whole vehicle runs smooth with the addition of a new engine oil cooler. A rear-axle oil cooler with electric pump is also included.

Viper ACR Horsepower Boost 4

The new hardware and the ECU software upgrade combine to produce 765 horsepower at 6400 RPM. The GeigerCars Viper ACR also achieves 679 pound-feet of torque at 5500 RPM.

Viper ACR Horsepower Boost 5

GeigerCars carried over the ACR’s “Extreme Aero Package”. The package consists of a new front splitter, dual dive flaps in the front and a new diffuser in the rear. Added weight is minimal due to the liberal use of carbon fiber parts. The car sports 11 x 19 inch forged alloy wheels in the front, with huge 13 x 19 inch wheels in the rear. The lightweight alloy wheels help improve acceleration, braking, and fuel efficiency.

Viper ACR Horsepower Boost 6

The Chevy Corvette and the Ford GT seem to get all the press, but GeigerCars’ Dodge Viper is sure to give them a run for their money. Speaking of, the GeigerCars conversion kit runs $46,165. You can also pick up a complete Viper ACR with GeigerCars upgrades for $247,973.

Viper ACR Horsepower Boost 7



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