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The Age of the Talking Car: What’s Next for the U.S. Auto Market?

Updated October 2, 2013

While you may never leave home without your Smartphone, soon you will not be going anywhere without your smart car either. The government is about to launch an 18-month program in Ann Arbor that will blow your mind—they are going to make cars talk to each other. You may be scratching your head now, but soon you may find yourself browsing these new cars at a local dealership.

Changing Driving As We Know It

Each year it seems like cars get another piece of technology to make them safer by reducing the potential for human error—it is getting to the point where our cars are smarter than us when it comes to driving. Self-parking cars, blind spot alerts, land change alerts, backup cameras, and crash avoidance technology—it is all leading to the inevitable car that drives itself!

While we are not quite there yet, soon your car will be able to communicate with the car behind you just to let them know that, “Hey, buddy, you are a little too close to my bumper ease off a bit.” The new government program is being called the Safety Pilot Model Deployment and it will use 73 miles of roads in Ann Arbor that will be implemented with instruments to measure the testing.

Promising Outlook

The U.S. Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, is very optimistic about this venture that is bringing together all sorts of car models. There are eight confirmed auto manufacturers on board for making their cars communicate effortlessly, including: Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford, GM, Hyundai, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, and Nissan.

“Split-second updates between vehicles could prevent or reduce severity of up to 80 percent [of] crashes,” LaHood said, according to a Detroit News article. “Vehicle-to-infrastructure communication could also allow cars to turn stop lights green when appropriate.”

Make the Cars Fly Next?

All of this development in technology can be intimidating as we will all have to adjust to a new way of operating, but the outlook of the project is good and preventing car accidents through this technology could be right around the corner. Pretty soon these communicating cars will be a reality and this could become the most sought after safety feature the auto industry has ever seen. If you are in the market for a top-of-the-line safety packed vehicle, contact a VW Brownsville TX dealer today.

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